Bourdais gets 25s penalty

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

Felipe Massa has gained a crucial extra point in his pursuit of Lewis Hamilton in the world championship after Sebastien Bourdais was handed a 25-second penalty for his collision with Massa.

The pair clashed as Bourdais exited the pits after his final stop on lap 52.

Bourdais falls from sixth to tenth in the standings, promoting Massa to seventh and Mark Webber to eighth.

Revised race results
Revised championship standings

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  1. lap 52 of 67 … what is excuse this time for “after the race” decision ?
    wait and see how the race will settle and then just make some result … FIA rox :)

  2. What???

    Surely Massa was at fault? The way I saw it, Massa made an error – but there was no need for any penalty as his punishment was contained within the incident – ie he spun and lost time due to driving into Bourdais!

  3. I haven’t yet seen the video of this one..
    Keith; please could you tell me a link?

  4. This is the most unbelievable penalty yet. I am stunned.

  5. hehe. I don’t care who wins the championship anymore – this is a farce of monumental proportions.

  6. I was expecting this farcical decision as I expect most others were once I saw the ‘after the race fixing decision’ announcement! :p

  7. How much more crooked can this ‘sport’ get in favour of Ferrari?!

  8. Ok, this is ridiculous.

  9. When I saw the incident, I didn’t konw they were up for position. When I did realise that, I thought Massa was indeed at fault. Sad for Bourdais that he got the penalty.

  10. i say let it be.

    seriously, it was like kovalainen/webber in spa or hamilton/massa in lap 2. i dont agree with these type of decisions but if those have been punished then this one should be too.

  11. Hah! FIA once again is the strongest Ferrari fan!

  12. It’s nothing like kova/webber or ham/massa. Bourdais was leaving the pits wasn’t he? I’d have to see it again to be sure, but what the hell was Bourdais supposed to do? Slam the brakes on and let Massa through? It was for position. And it’s unlikely he could even see Massa in his mirrors.

    Maybe I’ll change my mind when I see it again but this decision is even more of a joke than the turn 1 one.

  13. Earl ALEXANDER:

    Massa turned into the corner and contact was inevitable but it is stunning that the stewards have penalised Bourdais as he was on the inside and defending his position and not Massa.

  14. I despair, really I do. What a ridiculous decision. If anyone needed to be penalised for this (and I’m not convinced that they did) then it had to be Massa. Bourdais was ahead, fighting for position and on his legitimate racing line. Massa just wombled into him.

    And, to top all that, I can’t believe that the incident that seemed to me to invite the most scrutiny – Massa’s incredibly dangerous move on Webber, straight across the hatched box that demarcates the pit lane exit from the race track – has not even been mentioned by the stewards. If a car had been leaving the pits at that moment there would have been an accident of aircraft style proportions.

    This is yet another day on which F1 makes itself look rather foolish.

  15. This is a very strange decision indeed. It was for position and MAS just parked it in the wrong place – very reminiscent of DCs antics actually.

    Massa’s move on Webber was incredibly silly and dangerous. It should have been investigated. I despair of the current crop of title contenders, who don’t seem to be able to drive a tough but fair race. They’re like kids with powerful toys. (except KUB who seems to drive his own race nicely)

  16. Oh, that’s just the last straw! Massa was at fault for that incident!

  17. I wonder if Bourdais onboard camera shows that he made a slight mistake at turn 1 causing him to nudge Massa. From the view we saw during the race it looked like Massa was the one making a mistake. I am pretty stunned at this decision but need to see some alternate footage to be sure it’s wrong.

  18. Are stewards paid on a commission per penalty basis?

    That would explain this spate of issuing penalties to any driver they can catch hold of?

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