Bourdais gets 25s penalty

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Felipe Massa has gained a crucial extra point in his pursuit of Lewis Hamilton in the world championship after Sebastien Bourdais was handed a 25-second penalty for his collision with Massa.

The pair clashed as Bourdais exited the pits after his final stop on lap 52.

Bourdais falls from sixth to tenth in the standings, promoting Massa to seventh and Mark Webber to eighth.

Revised race results
Revised championship standings

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  1. There are some comments from Bourdais on right now, which are, I think, spot on.

  2. I have nothing to say, apart from to add my disgust at this nonsensical, and clearly very biased decision. I’ve had enough of this now.

  3. What an utterly bizarre decision. I do hope the stewards have some good information and will share as soon as possible. But from Bourdais quotes, it implies it was just as we saw it, which makes you wonder what planet the stewards are on right now.

  4. This is just incredible. First it takes 25 minut before Massas penalty was handed out, basically giving him 2-3 places for free while doing nothing for Hamilton since he was last anyway. Then this, handing him even more points. I’m just amazed that McLaren even have the motivation anymore to go on racing in F1.

  5. This is ridiculous. This is worse than the Belgium fiasco, by quite some margin. What the hell are they playing at?

    McLaren might as well just sit out the last two races and enjoy the Ferrari coronation as spectators.

    More worrying, for F1 as a sport, this now means Massa needs to win the championship by seven points (this point, plus the six from Belgium) to avoid being seen as undeserving.

    Why wasn’t Massa investigated for: 1) diving into the pitlane to overtake Webber; 2) causing Sutil’s accident in Singapore; and 3) gaining two places by overtaking with all four wheels off the track in Canada (a long time ago, but still). Not to mention Valencia!

    There’s just too much of it to be “inconsistency” anymore…

  6. ferrari international assistance

  7. I’ve only seen the external camera angle of the Bourdais/Massa collision, I can’t say for sure whether Bourdais did anything wrong until I see an onboard from his car. But it doesn’t look as though he did anything wrong.

  8. It is interesting that he sort of keeps moving left towards Massa after the collision. Is that an extension of the normal racing line, did he pick up a nudge on impact, or did he, maybe, twitch the wheel a little? It’ll be good to see the onboard.

  9. Jonesracing82
    12th October 2008, 10:09

    thats absolute ********!
    Bourdais was on the inside as he had to be cos of the blend line and massa turned in on him!
    conspiracy theorists have another meal on this one…

  10. I can’t believe it! Really really odd

  11. I’m sick of watching a good race and then feeling angry and disillusioned within a few hours of the finish.

  12. Im a Massa fan… but i dont think Seb should have been penalised. It looked like a racing incident.. and should be left at that.. move on, no penalties, nothing.

    However its too hard to judge from the only footage we get so i think once more footage comes through then it would be fair to comment. You cant tell at all how much room is left for Seb from the angle they give us.

    But yeh, pretty silly penalty, this is racing after all.. this stuff happens.

  13. Well its official… FIA really does stand for Ferrari In Assistance – is there really any reason for having the other cars on the track for the final two races, may as well just let Massa and Kimi drive round and round!

  14. i dont even know what are you talking about.

    massa was clearly in front of bourdais when the accident happened. in this case massa had the advantage because it was he who was leading bourdais at that moment. i thought in this case the one who is behind should let the other one go if there isnt enough place for both of them. bourdais has not done that.

    thats the case, we can all agree on it – whether you are hamilton fans or not.

    and if the accidents like that had been penalised before, than it was a right decision to do the same with this one.

  15. This penalty was clearly Bourdais’ fault. According to the rules: “At any time while driving, when a Ferrari appears in your mirrors, wheather seeing it or not, all possible action shall be taken to fascilitate the immediate overtaking of that Ferrari around yourself. Failure to do so shall be seen in a very serious light by Ferrari International Assistance, herein after called FIA.”

    This rule shall apply doubly strict for MacLaren!

  16. F1 is now a total joke! I will NO LONGER watch it and I hope many more people stop watching F1 too. After this farce of a race – there is NO POINT to F1 – it isn’t real racing anymore – if they are willing to give a penalty to the race leader who is only trying to regain his place in the first corner…. How many other drivers went off the race track in the first corner? Oh, yeah, Alonso said he went off the track at the first corner because he went wide(in the press conference after the race)…but I didn’t see his drive through penalty – nor any other drivers! F1 is no longer credible…and I hope many people stop watching it! I hope the manufacturers start their own F1 – I might watch that new and improved version of F1! For now ..I won’t watch it ever again!

  17. Atticus, please watch the incident properly. Bordais had his inside wheel almost on the grass – and he is racing the other car… that’s what ‘motor racing’ is all about, or at least it was. Not “letting the other one go” as you put it.

  18. George:

    And, to top all that, I can’t believe that the incident that seemed to me to invite the most scrutiny – Massa’s incredibly dangerous move on Webber, straight across the hatched box that demarcates the pit lane exit from the race track – has not even been mentioned by the stewards.

    Not to mention he actually left the racetrack to complete that move – something that I believe Hamilton was punished for in Spa.
    I’ve been rolling my eyes at all the comments about Ferrari International Assistance, but today it strikes me that – as the great philosopher Homer J Simpson once said – it’s funny because it’s true.
    Another question – there were a couple of other lower order drivers off the circuit at the first corner; how come the people that caused them to go off the circuit weren’t also given drive-throughs?

  19. Presumably this 25 second penalty is a ‘drive through penalty’ and thus not appealable. Yet again the stewards have helped Ferrari and done so in a way which cannot be overturned, no matter how contentious the ruling. This sport is fixed, so anyone who expresses surprise at this kind of thing from now on should really watch something else.

  20. Not to mention he actually left the racetrack to complete that move – something that I believe Hamilton was punished for in Spa.

    Nope, Massa is in the clear on this one. He was on the racetrack throughout the maneuver, even if he crossed the pitlane exit – that only applies if you’re coming out of the pitlane.

    For precedent, see Fernando Alonso’s pass on Mark Webber at Suzuka 3 years ago.

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