Bourdais gets 25s penalty

Felipe Massa has gained a crucial extra point in his pursuit of Lewis Hamilton in the world championship after Sebastien Bourdais was handed a 25-second penalty for his collision with Massa.

The pair clashed as Bourdais exited the pits after his final stop on lap 52.

Bourdais falls from sixth to tenth in the standings, promoting Massa to seventh and Mark Webber to eighth.

Revised race results
Revised championship standings

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98 comments on Bourdais gets 25s penalty

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  1. Wow I’m really confused now… so the guy exiting the pit travelling down the pit exit lane gets penalised. So where should he drive and what should he have done exactly… oh yea… pull over, close your eyes, count to 100, apologies for being unworthy to be on the same track with the almighty red Ferrari, pray for forgiveness because you are an unholy unrighteous repulsive sinner? Lets face it, Massa should have made room for Bourdais in the same way he should have made way for Lewis after being comprehensibly and legitimately overtaken.

    Furthermore it seems there needs to be clarification regarding cars on track supposedly not being allowed to cross over the exit lane white line as we saw on several occasions.

    I’ll give the FIA one thing… the are consistent in their inconsistency. Why don’t they just say at the beginning of each season that the F1 championship already has its champion and possible runner up (depending on how inconsistent and vindictive they feel), and that it is Ferrari. The other placings are up to the rest of you guys subject to our whims of course. Job done… and we all know where we stand!

  2. Andy R said on 13th October 2008, 16:03

    I can just about live with the Hamilton penalty but the Bourdais penalty is ridiculous. Would we rather that F1 drivers never bothered to try and overtake for fear of a penalty?

    Whatever happened to ‘racing incidents’?

    Stewards clearly want Ferrari to win the championship.

    Appalling decision.

  3. I have toyed with buying only products not on the offender’s register – if I lived in Europe I might have a Vodafone phone for example.

    Eh? Vodaphone is part of F1 – a very big part. Or is it because it’s (currently) McLaren it’s OK?

    I do, however, admire your stance and vigilance despite disagreeing with you.

    Would we rather that F1 drivers never bothered to try and overtake for fear of a penalty?

    I don’t see how the Bourdais incident has anything to do with overtaking? (other than Massa getting it royally wrong!)

  4. Ian White said on 13th October 2008, 21:28

    Absolutely Bonkers.
    When the message came up onthe screen that the Massa Bourdais incident was going to be investigated I was quite happy because Massa probably deserved a penalty.
    Then realisation dawned and I just knew it would be Bourdais who got penalised. What a joke. Poor Seb
    As for the inside overtake on Webber. Another dodgy move although he would have got him eventually.
    I was going to go to Silverstone next year. Was gonna book this week.
    Not now.
    What a biased farce.

  5. Following the penalty Bourdais was asked what he should have done to prevent the accident with Massa. “I should have pulled out the red carpet” was his response. Enough said!!!

    It has now become time for the stewards to publish detailed analysis and reasoning for the decisions they make. They have a duty and responsibility to the teams and several hundreds of millions of fans. FIA has a chance to regain some integrity if they so choose… but they sadly won’t.

  6. Yes, I meant that since Vodafone sponsors the team that is the current (actually long-time now) victim and apparent target of most of the rigging of results, maybe it’s OK to exempt them from the boycott. But, as I went on to say, these distinctions are hard to make so I actually prefer to boycott ALL F1 products if I can.

    I’m just passing on the whole thing. I don’t expect fairness or even racing to be allowed in Shanghai and, amazingly for me (a 30-odd year F1 fan), what should be an exciting season climax is going to be a case of, at best, fast-forward and heavy use of the “jump” button on the DVR. I really can’t be bothered with getting all emotionally involved with whatever “fight” takes place on the track, only to discover that that’s not what I’ve been watching after all. Perhaps I’ll wait until Max’s vendetta has blown over the sport and (if I’m still alive) pick up again when things are a bit better. For the moment, there are better ways to spend one’s time.

  7. yorricksfriend said on 15th October 2008, 11:41

    the inconsistency is what staggers me

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