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Links: Alonso backs Massa 13th October 2008, 22:15

Alonso wants Massa to win title

Japanese Grand Prix progress chart

Here’s the Japanese Grand Prix progress chart showing how far apart each of the drivers were on each lap. It shows how Renault strategically out-manoeuvred BMW to get Fernando Alonso ahead of Robert Kubica, and how Kubica fought a rearguard action to keep Raikkonen behind.

2008 Japanese GP stats and facts

Fernando Alonso became the first driver to win the Japanese Grand Prix at two different venues. Sebastien Bourdais led a race for the first time, and his penalty allowed Mark Webber to reach his points century. Here’s the statistics round-up from the Japanese Grand Prix.

2008 Japanese Grand Prix pictures

Re-live the Japanese Grand Prix with this selection of 30 high-resolution photographs from the race covering all of the teams.

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