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Alonso says he will help Massa if possible – Alonso “Yes, no doubt, if I can help, I will help Massa.” Does he still bear a grudge against McLaren, or is he just trying really hard to get a Ferrari seat? This reminds me of the BTCC last year, when Matt Neal got in Jason Plato’s way in the title decider at Thruxton. Plato was battling Vauxhall’s Fabrizio Giovanardi for the title, and shortly after the race it was announced Neal would be joining Vauxhall for the following season…

BMW admits it had doubts over Heidfeld – “BMW Sauber boss Mario Theissen has admitted that Nick Heidfeld’s poor qualifying performances in the middle of this season jeopardised his future with the team for a while.” Good job his days of not making it further than Q1 are over. Wait a minute…

Honda says it can make pit lights work – Nick Fry says: “Our system is designed in such a way that if the fuel hose is not disconnected the car physically won’t be able to move.” However Honda will not be using the lights during races until 2009.

Pressure tells on Hamilton – “After making so many errors, it is astonishing that Hamilton is still in contention for the championship, and he is fortunate to be facing a rival who has his own flaws.”

Could Williams be victims of the financial squeeze?

Ferrari say KERS still behind schedule – Aldo Costa: “There have been reliability troubles. I can’t deny we are running a bit late. Let’s say that I would like to have tried our system already. We have a lot to do but time is short. Even though we have two weeks more compared to the past, we must follow the collective tests calendar. There’s a test in mid January and we can’t miss it.”

Two things about this strike me as strange. First, it’s surprising that one of F1’s richest and best-equipped teams are running behind on development.

But even more strange is the fact they’re telling everyone about it. Why advertise a weakness to your rivals?

How To Watch Football Online – Will F1 fans ever have such an enormous breadth of options for watching Formula 1 online? Please take note, Mr Ecclestone.

The FIA gets heavy handed – “As it stands at the moment, every guy on the grid must feel that they will need to apply to the race director – before the race begins – for written permission in triplicate to attempt any overtaking manoeuvre. ”

James Allen’s Japanese GP verdict – “Against all expectations, the Japanese Grand Prix took place in bone-dry conditions” James Allen should start reading the F1 Fanatic pre-race weather forecasts.

Sebastian Bourdais robbed by disgusting Ferrari Stewards idiocy – “Spaniard Alonso won. In a French team. What should have been a great news story, is now just an also ran to yet another Ferrari fiddle. Poor Alonso. Poor Bourdais. Poor Formula One.”

Welcome to Formula None, where racing is illegal – “From what I have been reading on respected website, the job of FIA steward has become a jolly for Max’s mates under Mosley’s leadership. It seems to be brimful of Mosley’s allies from the WMSC and those who voted for him in the General Assembly. The steward’s job is seen as a ‘perk’. There have even been instances where there have been stewards who have never even watched a grand prix motor race! And boy, can you tell.”

Sinking feeling – “Talking it through with the FIA in recent weeks a number of ideas have come up in the wake of Spa

1. An extra technician has been installed in the stewards box with an extra screen or screens on which replays can be played during the race. I think this was first done at Singapore.
2. There is a proposal on the table for the stewards to publish a short explanation of their decisions at the same time as the decisions are handed out. This would help all of us understand how the stewards reach their conclusions and which rules are in play and so on.
3. There is another proposal that all the various TV angles the stewards have of an incident will also be published to help everyone see what they see.”

Another look at Lewis Hamilton – “On the evidence so far, Lewis is a racer through and through.


The real tragedy is that Kimi Raikkonen used to be one of these all-or-nothing guys but Ferrari seem to have knocked it out of him.”

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