FOTA discusses F1 refuelling ban

The Formula One Teams’ Association is continuing its effort to improve F1. I expressed some concerns about the ideas they were coming up with at first, but this new one has my 100% support:

They’re considering banning refuelling during the races.

I know some people won’t agree with me on this, but I’m all in favour of getting rid of refuelling.

Why? Because we’ll have proper qualifying again. No more tedious unpicking of race strategies and fuel loads. No more drivers waiting until the pit stops to make a pass. No more drivers getting penalties for making fuel stops during ‘pit lane closures’. No more dangerous refuelling fires.

Think how close the three-way title battle would be right now if Robert Kubica hadn’t lost a points finish at Singapore because of the ‘pit lane closure’ rules. We wouldn’t have those rules if refuelling were banned.

Banning refuelling would sweep away many of F1’s most unjust and over-complicated rules with one fell swoop. It would make F1 fairer, easier for fans to follow, and much better.

Refuelling ban? I say bring it on FOTA.

Hers’s some more I’ve written about this before:

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66 comments on FOTA discusses F1 refuelling ban

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  1. I don’t think this rule would be fair on the back runners as it would make it harder for them to gain places which is important. The higher places mean more funding and sponsorship for teams and it all balances out in the end because everyone is relying on tactics with refueling. To take this away would be devastating to a lot of teams. It would also mean larger fuel tanks with longer lap times and more other problems like cars having to work harder and not getting enough air due to slower speeds and more brake pad wearing due to extra weight. If they want to do something help the lower teams with a little funding I know there is plenty of it out there.

  2. Stubie said on 12th December 2008, 18:43

    This one goes to Schumacher the Greatest

    Overtaking idea

    So, I have been thinking about this crazy idea for a while…

    One of my favorite races this year was the Turkey race. Having Lewis forced to do a 3-stop strategy while most of the field was on a standard 2-stop completely changed the dynamics of the race.

    So I got to thinking… most of the rules and regs are pretty arbitrary anyway, what if there was a coin toss, per race that relegated 1/3 (or less) of the field to one strategy, after first qualifying on another strategy.

    so the process works like this… with a 67% chance of getting it right you run a quali lap with race fuel… and start on the grid in that order… then a random coin-toss assigns 33% of the cars to an “n-stop” strategy… so you either get the standard 2-stop or you are forced to do a 3-stop (or 1-stop) AND you then get to choose your fuel load while the rest of the grid sticks with the qualifying fuel loads.

    think about the mayhem! but also, think about the cars running light (very light!) slicing through the field.

    am I nuts or would this make for interesting racing? or would it be too gimmicky?

  3. Okay I am feeling a little bleak about the future of F1. As an “F1 Fanatic” I have taken time to understand the rules and the changes over the years and feel that anyone that is really interested in the sport would also do the same. To make it easier for viewers to understand suggests we are aiming F1 at everyone as opposed to targeet audiences. People that have a passion for F1 will understand the rules regardless of how complicated they are. Those that find it complicated are usually not that interested and are only interested in it for the glamour that it brings.

    Also I feel that the likes of McLaren, Ferrari and BMW have worked hard for years to get to where they are now only to have rules brought in to bring teams, that have not been able to compete quite the same, to the same level.

    Hmmm lets see how 2009 works. Personally I am not so optimistic. But prepared to accept if I am wrong.


  4. Ben said on 3rd May 2009, 0:30

    I remember the days of no pit stops and the long procession that started from the green flag and was only ended by the chequered flag.

    By removing fuel stops, all cars will be on the same fuel through qualifying and from the start. Meaning that the slow cars will be at the back and the fast car will be at the front of the grid. With the exceptions of a few dives down to the first corner this will entirely eliminate all overtaking. Taking F1 back to the dull days. At least now with pit stops and varying strategies it is possible for some of the lower end teams to mix it up a little. F1 is more than the driver or the car it is about team work and strategy. We should not lose site of this

  5. Jimbo said on 12th May 2009, 14:18

    Keep refuelling. It’s wonderful that F1 is a true team sport- the strategy is half the fun! As for Q3, I also believe that raceload isn’t a fair reflection of driving ability but it’s part of the tactics too. A quick first stint from a slower car will invariably lead to a slower one later. This ultimately leads to more action on the track.

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