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Lewis Q&A Post-Japan
– Hamilton on Senna: “I never said that [I am a better driver than Senna] – and I definitely wouldn’t say it about Ayrton because he’s my favourite driver. I think he’s the best driver there ever was and, to this day, I still don’t believe anyone would beat him. If I could achieve just a small part of what he’s achieved, it would be a dream for me.”

JYS: Lewis cant afford more mistakes – “There’s an old adage, ‘You can’t win the race in the first corner, but you can lose it.’ And that’s exactly what occurred.”

ING F1 Racing Magazine Global Fan Survey 2008 – Similar to the defunct FIA fan surveys of 2005 and 2006. They’ve done a pretty thorough job with it, looking forward to seeing the results.

McCabism: New Labour and Formula 1’s Chief Steward – “Donnelly won a libel action against Business F1 magazine a few years ago. The case was presided over by Mr Justice Eady, who, coincidentally, presided over Max Mosley’s recent successful libel action against The News of the World.”

Speaker to probe Blair F1 claim – “Commons speaker Michael Martin said he would look into two Tory MPs’ claims of wrongdoing.”

Italian media wants Fernando Alonso at Ferrari, NOW! – “Was it really sensible to renew Raikkonen’s contract?. Kimi seems like a mechanic who has lost the operating instructions to his car. He now has two more races to help Massa and show that he still has the desire. If this run continues, Ferrari must make the call to Alonso.” There were similar reports about Raikkonen in the Italian press after last year’s Monza race, but of course he then went on to win the title.

Sebastien Bourdais given thumbs down by Formula One stewards not fit to judge – “In the 20 years I’ve been involved in F1 as a driver and spectator I don’t think I’ve seen so many penalties in one season. It’s political correctness gone mad. An important point is being missed: these guys are racing tooth and nail. Things happen when racing at 200mph. The drivers are gladiators in cars. It’s what they get paid for, what they enjoy.” Blundell is dead right about the F1 stewards. And it’s good to see he remembered he’s writing for the Daily Telegraph and therefore has to get the phrase ‘political correctness gone mad’ in somewhere.

What were the stewards up to in the Japanese Grand Prix? – “I had been planning to write this blog on how history is repeating itself and once again, after building up a solid title lead, Hamilton is faltering and his title hopes are starting to slither away. Then I thought about how a world championship contender can hit two cars in one race and still be helped along to a couple of points, while the best overtaker on the grid gets a penalty for simply racing. Well, it just makes me want the McLaren man to sock it to ’em.”

Reckless Hamilton should now take a history lesson in respect – “Manoeuvres that could be politely described as over-aggressive by Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa, rivals for this year’s drivers’ title, shaped the outcome of the race and provoked the subsequent accusations and recriminations. Both were penalised by the race stewards. Deeper down, however, the real blame lies with those who allowed their predecessors to adapt motor racing’s etiquette in order to incorporate the kind of tactics that drivers of earlier eras would have seen as tantamount to attempted murder.”

Does Lewis Hamilton have any friends on F1 grid? – “Webber, Glock and Kubica have been very vocal in their criticism of Hamilton’s aggressive driving.”