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Alan Donnelly inadvertently reveals FIA?s Ferrari bias – “Alan Donnelly?s own ??proof?? that the FIA is not biased in favour of Ferrari actually appears to support of the conspiracy theory. It is clear that, according to the letter of the rules, Kimi Raikkonen should have started the race from the back of the grid. As it was, with just the drive-through penalty he never fell lower than 6th before crashing into Adrian Sutil.”

Ecclestone on phone about Canada axe – “With levels of Canadian government subsequently vowing to step in, chief race backer Tremblay revealed he has spoken with Ecclestone about scheduling a meeting. “If he’s phoning us, it’s because he has an interest to hold the Grand Prix in Montreal in 2009.”

Webber denies Lewis kill claim – “When pit lane reporter Holly Samos got to Webber just before he climbed aboard his Red Bull, the Australian came straight to the point. He wanted to deny a quote attributed to him in a British newspaper this morning which read: ‘He’ll kill someone – Lewis Hamilton’s style is too dangerous says Mark Webber’. Reading the actual quote, Webber had been critical of Hamilton’s driving. But he had been expressing concern about cars touching during a first lap scramble. He was referring to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza in 2000 when a flying wheel from a Jordan killed a marshal (who had actually been standing in the wrong place in order to get a closer view of the action). At no point had Webber used the word ‘kill’ or come close to the interpretation chosen by the British tabloid. Webber had introduced the Monza incident to the conversation but he was angry that his words had been taken out of context.”

Villeneuve: Kubica deserves title most – “The one who really deserves it now is Kubica. He has not been in as good a car as either Felipe or Lewis yet he has produced a season without mistakes.” A decent comment from Villeneuve I think, who of course lost his BMW seat to Kubica in 2006.

FIA Stewards Parking – All hail Sniff Petrol.

More restrictions coming on testing – “The Formula 1 team principals met yesterday in Shanghai to discuss sporting rules which would help to cut costs in F1. The principal decision appears to have been to further reduce testing so that teams do just 20,000km next year. It seems that, after the winter testing programmes, the teams have now agreed to run only one car at every test. This means that there is now no need for F1 test drivers”

FIA seeks clarification of French GP status – “Since yesterday there has been widespread condemnation of the way in which the FFSA has handled the situation.”

Drivers call for steward system overhaul – Mark Webber: “[Sebastien Bourdais’ penalty] is a real shock for everyone. We are on the racing track and racing around Turn 1. The trajectory is different which is what made the speed difference so high. Bourdais had gone around the corner the best he can given the compromise line he has had going into there, as you do in Singapore, it is tight on the way in, as it is in Melbourne. You are pinched onto the apex and the guys are coming from a higher line so will have a different trajectory and speed.”

Opinion: what F1 has in common with pro wrestling – Is F1 turning into WWE? If you enjoyed the Brits on Pole team’s last article for F1 Fanatic (Ten ways to get an F1 drive parts one, two and three), make sure you read this.

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