Rate the race: Chinese Grand Prix

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What did you think of the Chinese Grand Prix? Rate and discuss the race below:

Rate the 2008 Chinese Grand Prix out of 10

  • 1 - Terrible (6%)
  • 2 - Rubbish (6%)
  • 3 - Boring (35%)
  • 4 - Often tedious (8%)
  • 5 - A bit dull (20%)
  • 6 - Not bad (8%)
  • 7 - Good (7%)
  • 8 - Great (3%)
  • 9 - Fantastic (1%)
  • 10 - Perfect (5%)

Total Voters: 1,331

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31 comments on “Rate the race: Chinese Grand Prix”

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  1. Pretty much a waste of 2 hours :( They’re going to struggle to get decent highlights for the show later on.

  2. Can’t comment yet, don’t know the result.

    When will the FIA lawyers announce the final result? Monday morning?

  3. boring as hell.

    pity if hamilton has the advantage everything goes well (unlike if ferrari has – hungary and singapore).

  4. David Watkins
    19th October 2008, 9:55

    Funny press conference: issue of team orders like the elephant in the room that no-one wants to talk about!

  5. Its OK to have a boring race, I seriously felt there was an overdose of brilliant races..Spa, Monza, Singapore, Japan..

  6. Great race; only problem is that the result was tainted by the team orders.

  7. There was a distinct lack of racing action but I enjoyed the race. It was refreshing to see one of the title contenders actually behaving like one with a dominating performance for the whole weekend.

    In an ideal world Massa would have been up there challenging but he just didn’t have the pace.

    Here’s to an exciting finish in 2 weeks time…

  8. as a slot car race, brilliant, as an F1 grand prix, terrible.

    i’m gutted that I come out of hospital to this insipid train race.

  9. Only the championship context made that an interesting race. I think the first five Chinese Grands Prix have proven you only get a good race at Shanghai if it rains.

  10. that was a shame, guess happens when you get two drivers ( both WDC), a team and a bunch of stewards working on fitting the crown on the wrong guy.
    brilliant kimi on press conf ;))

    @keith all tilke’s demand rain…

  11. 3/10, another boring Tilkedrome procession-fest.

    Points for Bourdais to trying to liven it up by hitting people, and points for Fisichella for trying to liven it up by getting the front runner’s backs up, and asking for a post-race fat lip.

    Nice to see a penalty-less race (as of yet). Not nice to see more Ferrari match fixing, team orders or no.

    At least we don’t have to get up especially for the final round.

  12. 6/10 as Sumedh says, we’ve had a overdose of crazy unpredictable races this year, especially in the run in, nice to be able to breathe for once.

  13. Probably one of the most boring races this season – but I suppose we need the occasional dull one to fully appreciate the good ones!

  14. after the 2nd lap, the only thing that kept everyone guessing was when massa would get by kimi… it took him almost 8-10 laps to cover the 4. something sec’s. whoo!

  15. As Keith said @ #9 interesting in the championship context. Off the line was fantastically tense after last weeks events.
    As I am rooting for Lewis I was on the edge of my seat throughout expecting car, tyre, pit trouble to intervene.
    Also I just love F1 – even a processional race such as this. For me this was about a well timed, dominant potential champion’s drive, getting the hat-trick in the process. Fabulous to watch when any driver is on top of everything. Set up nicely for Brazil, no less than 5th should be attainable. Although…
    It’s funny how Lewis always comes back with a stellar performance immediately after setting off the critics in a previous race. That’s why I fear a little for Brazil.

  16. Its a trend that these modern Tilke tracks always gives us boring races. Apart from the Turkish track, most of the other modern ones are totally lacking in character.

  17. Can’t believe I got up at 3:am to watch that…I would say this is on par with Spain, not quite as bad as Valencia since their was some some passing at the back. I think this race has only been good in the rain, 2005 was terrible as well.

    #5 also, overdose of good races? ***?!?

  18. Thankful watcher
    19th October 2008, 17:08

    I wish to express on record my thanks for Herman Tilke for designing new circuits which have been responsible for some of the most exciting F1 races ever seen.

    Circuits like Bahrain, China, the revised Hockenheim track and the Valencia circuit brought about a gush of blood to an avid fan like me and make me want to watch reruns over and over again.

  19. 3/10 – Boring

    I am glad I didn’t get up early to watch this one, the first two laps contained all the action, nothing of note happened the rest of the race.

    Even the midfield & back markers didn’t have much going on.

  20. #18 couldn`t of said it better.

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