2008 Chinese Grand Prix pictures

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Felipe Massa gets out of his Ferrari after the race
Felipe Massa gets out of his Ferrari after the race

Look back on the highlights of the Chinese Grand Prix with this gallery of 30 high-resolution images from Shanghai.

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3 comments on “2008 Chinese Grand Prix pictures”

  1. I assume you get these pictures off their official web site then Keith?

    I wonder why do McLaren consistently seem to only have tiny resolution pictures compared to everyone else?
    I can’t use them as wallpaper on my laptop, as they are too small.
    Boo to McLaren! :)
    I’ll have to pick another team for my desktop wallpaper.

  2. Yeah what the heck IS Massa doing there?

  3. If I may,…..captions for the last four of pictures:

    D.C.-“I wonder what those extra paddles and that big red button are for?”

    Hamilton-“You may all rise and kiss my yellow helmet.”

    Massa-“Awww shucks… I’m sorry Kimi but,it was almost as hard to catch you as it was Lewis.”

    Hamilton-“YESSSS!!!!….I missed that damn gravel pit this year…woooo…hoooo!”

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