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Links: Hamilton reacts to Alonso 21st October 2008, 21:44

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FIA-FOTA agreement: Teams’ proposals accepted as Mosley backs down on KERS

Details are emerging about the agreement reached between the FIA and FOTA, representing the F1 teams, following their meeting at Geneva today. A joint statement from the two declared “significant cost savings for 2009 and 2010″ had been agreed but added no further detail. However Autosport has published details of some points of the agreement […]

How Kimi Raikkonen has overtaken Felipe Massa as fastest Ferrari driver

Ferrari’s Shanghai switch provoked the usual debate over team orders – but it also signified a development that could have a crucial bearing on the outcome of the world championship: Kimi Raikkonen is now the faster of the two Ferrari drivers. Do you agree? Is this good or bad for Felipe Massa? Here’s what I […]

Max Mosley and FOTA meet for crunch talks on F1 costs in Geneva

Max Mosley and the representatives of the Formula One Teams Association are meeting in Geneva today to discuss future rules that could transform the face of Formula 1. It comes after several weeks of leaks, off-the-record briefings and the usual subterfuge that occurs whenever F1’s political tectonic plates start to shift. Central to today’s discussion […]

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