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Links: Ferrari on team orders 23rd October 2008, 22:39

Plus, new hope for Canadian GP

Interlagos will show if Lewis Hamilton has banished the demons of 2007

What happens to Lewis Hamilton at Interlagos in just over a week’s time will play a crucial role in shaping our understanding and opinions of a man who is rapidly becoming (or perhaps already is) F1’s most famous driver. And whether the story ends in victory or defeat is not entirely down to him.

Which former Formula 1 driver would make a good permanent steward?

Following the recent spate of dubious penalty decisions involving Sebastien Bourdais, Lewis Hamilton (at Fuji and Spa) and Felipe Massa, many F1 drivers have voiced a desire to see a permanent stewards appointed. Ideally they would like one with relevant, recent Grand Prix experience. So who could fit the bill? Here’s a few potential names.

Mercedes ‘wants own F1 team’

‘As soon as the price is right’

A history of Japanese F1 drivers (Part 2)

Guest writer Andrew Tsvyk concludes his look at the history of Japanese drivers in Formula 1. See part 1 here. This second instalment covers the likes of Takuma Sato, Kazuki Nakajima and Ukyo Katayama. Plus, the only driver to stand on the podium at his home race.

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