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Ferrari and Toyota threaten to quit F1 if Max Mosley forces standard engines 27th October 2008, 20:43

First Toyota, now Ferrari is threatening to pull its F1 team if Max Mosley persists with his plan to make all F1 teams use the same engine: The Ferrari Board of Directors expressed strong concerns regarding plans to standardise engines as it felt that such a move would detract from the entire raison of a […]

Links: Toyota to leave F1?

Toyota denies quitting rumours

Who do you want to be champion? (2)

Robert Kubica was the driver most F1 Fanatic readers wanted to win the Formula 1 championship when we did a poll on it before the Chinese Grand Prix. Kubica is out of the running now and only Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa can win the title this weekend. So, who do you want to be […]

How Murray Walker made great F1 championship moments special (Video)

You never forget a great championship-deciding moment. But what can turn a memorable moment into an emotional peak is a well-delivered commentary. Whether shocking, joyous or poignant, these are some of the great high points, for me, of recent years. No surprise the commentary for much of them was supplied by Murray Walker – whether […]

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix launch pictures

During the Chinese Grand prix weekend F1 teams were shown pictures of the new venue that will host the first ever Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – the Yas Island Marina circuit. It will hold the final round of the 2009 F1 season. Here are 33 high-resolution pictures showing the track design, layout, construction work and […]

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