David Coulthard’s helmet camera (Video)

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

During free practice yesterday F1 fans were treated to some fabulous footage from a camera mounted in David Coulthard’s crash helmet:

This technology has been seen before in F1. Here’s a video of Mark Blundell driving with a helmet camera at Spa-Francorchamps in 1994:

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Hopefully we’ll see more of these helmet cameras in 2009 – and plenty of action from it during qualifying today and Sunday’s race, which will be Coulthard’s last appearance in Formula 1. They’ve been used a lot in other disciplines, particularly the (now defunct) Champ Car series in America. Here’s Nelson Philippe racing with a helmet camera at Sufers’ Paradise last year:

Coulthard is also racing with a special livery on his Red Bull for his final F1 race.

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