A great sporting moment?

It?s easy to get carried away in the excitement of the moment, so I waited until today before writing this piece.

Was what we saw yesterday one of the great sporting moments? How does it compare to other memorable F1 championship finales?

A clean fight

One of the most gratifying things about yesterday?s title decider was that it was a clean fight.

The Ayrton Senna-Alain Prost collisions of 1989-90 stick in the memory for obvious reasons, as do the Michael Schumacher scandals of 1994 and 1997.

Yesterday?s stunning title decider was all the more exceptional because it was clean from start to finish (unless you subscribe to The Glock Delusion).

Flashback to Spa

Remarkably, the season finale ended in similar circumstances to the notorious Belgian Grand Prix earlier this year. A rain storm blew in, soaked the circuit, and left the drivers faced with a perilous decision whether to change tyres or not.

Given how close the Spa penalty came to deciding the championship, it was deeply ironic that the final race should end in similar circumstances ?ǣ but with a different twist.

F1 Fanatic live blog

While the world’s TV commentators struggled to keep up with the action the 722 of us following the race on the F1 Fanatic Live Blog were doing the same. Here?s a small sample of the discussion (with typing tidied up):

18:42 Journeyer: Hamilton now exposed to Vettel. GOODNESS.
18:43 Ben Goldberg: this is for the championship!
18:44 Journeyer: KUBICA?!
18:44 sam: this is horrible
18:45 rich: Vettel passses him
18:45 DanD: Vettel got by HAM, putting HAM in p6
18:46 Filipe: Now the only hope for Ham is Glock having some problem
18:47 gerdoner: last corner
18:47 Ollie (BlogF1): GLO ran slow. They passed for 5th.
18:47 DanD: Glock gave it up, HAM in p5
18:48 Journeyer: WHOAAAAAAAA!
18:48 doctorvee: OMG WHAT A RACE
18:48 rich: HAM WC 2008
18:48 DanD: shocked Massa family
18:48 F1Fanatic.co.uk: That is incredible. That is the most stunning championship I’ve ever seen.
18:49 Robert McKay: Greatest title climax ever.

Read the full original live blog here.

Other great sporting moments

How does that race compare to other great moments in other sports? I’m not an expert in much sport beyond F1, so I’d appreciate your thoughts on it.

Yes, the middle part of the Brazilian Grand Prix was fairly static. But for me that only served to heighten the tension: all race long Massa was poised to grab the title if Hamilton faltered in the slightest.

The last time I remember seeing the destiny of a major championship change courses so late in the day was when Manchester United snatched the Champions’ League trophy from Bayern Munich in 1999.

What other sporting moments would you compare the Brazilian Grand Prix to?

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36 comments on A great sporting moment?

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  1. … the middle part of the Brazilian Grand Prix was fairly static…

    Had the race not been about the World Championship, it would have been rather dull, indeed.

    Given how close the Spa penalty came to deciding the championship, it was deeply ironic that the final race should end in similar circumstances – but with a different twist.

    And will you please stop saying this. It’s simply not true. Had Massa won the title, it would have been down to Hamilton making mistakes like in Bahrain and Canada, and bad luck like in Hungary. Now that Hamilton took it, it’s down to Massa making mistakes like Fuji and bad luck like in Australia. Let’s keep it at that.

  2. yorricksfriend said on 3rd November 2008, 15:00

    I don’t watch a heck of a lot of sport but for me the only thing more exciting to watch this year was a cricket match in the Indian Premier League between Punjab and Mumbai where Mumbai was taking a run on the last ball to win the match and Punjab’s captain got the ball and dived onto the stumps to give Punjab victory. But yeah with this races conclusion my heart was thumping almost as much at was in Spa (not as much because I was out of my seat then coz im a Kimi fan) and I have a fairly indifferent attitude to Lewis and Felipe (I prefer Felipe). I can’t even begin to imagine just how tense it must’ve been for fans of Lewis and Felipe.

  3. David Watkins said on 3rd November 2008, 15:07

    The Champions League Final of 1999 was astonishing but slightly different to this as it was only a single game.

    A more apt comparison, I think, would be Michael Thomas winning the championship for Arsenal at Anfield in the very last minute of a league season of 40-odd matches.


  4. schumi the greatest said on 3rd November 2008, 15:11

    I dont think in any sport ever has the destiny of the most important tittle in that sport changed hands so back and forth so quickly.

    all race hamilton had it but knew any mistakes meant he would lose it, then vettel went past and it was doom and gloom…i couldnt believe it was happening..somehow though i had the feeling he would get the place back…but il admit i pretty much thought it was all over when brundle commented on glocks sector times:

    “Hows glocks sector times….theyre fine!!! theyr absolutley fine!! hamilton’s not going to get the championship”

    my heart was pounding (god knows why…imagine how lewis and felipe must of felt) then that bit of commentary as hamilton and vettel approcahed the final corner:

    MB: “Is that glock going slowly??….it is…thats glock!!!”

    unbeleivable..it was like a movie..the final corner at the final race…i cant think of any other sporting finale with that much tension it was unbelievable…cant quite get my head round it. f1 boring?? your having a laugh!

  5. rugby world cup final 2003

  6. Chalky said on 3rd November 2008, 15:43

    Yep agree, Rugby World Cup Final 2003.

  7. James said on 3rd November 2008, 16:02

    In terms of sheer drama I struggle to think of events that I’ve been more excited, amazed and thrilled by.

    The 99 Champions League Final springs to mind, as does the 03 Rugby WC as others have mentioned.

    The only other major event that comes close for me was the 2001 Wimbledon Final when Goran Ivanisevic, a completely unranked wild-card entrant, won the title in a 5 set thriller after previously being beaten in the final three times in the past.

  8. With many mentioning the 99 CL final, I’m suprised no-one has mentioned the 2005 CL final, which was a true story of the underdog coming good.

    United were domestic double winners that year, Liverpool finished 5th behind Everton and got knocked out of every domestic cup, only to go on a knock out the best teams in europe.

  9. … it was like a movie… the final corner at the final race…

    Except that, if it were a movie, nobody’d believe it.

    Didn’t Murray Walker say something like ‘Anything can happen in Formula One… and it usually does’?

  10. Boyce said on 3rd November 2008, 16:35

    Yeah the rugby world cup final and the champions league final are the only comparisons I can really think of…or how about that Nadal-Federer final where it looked like Federer had staged a massive comeback only for Nadal to snatch it in a tiebreaker?

  11. Oliver said on 3rd November 2008, 16:39

    Keith, I was thinking just the same thing, I mean the similarities with Spa. It started with light rain that progressively got heavier. Unfortunately, while Massa benefited the most from the Spa race, it went the other way in the Brazil.

  12. Scott Joslin said on 3rd November 2008, 16:39

    I follow football and Liverpool in particular. I have two memories that bring the hairs on the back of my neck standing up.

    1994-95 – final game of the Premiership season Blackburn were playing Liverpool away at Anfield and needed to win or draw to win the championship for the first time. When in the last minute Liverpool scored a free kick to take the lead 2-1,it looked all lost for blackburn, however man Utd their rivals had lost to West ham. the outcome was never clear until the final whistle.

    Champions League Final – Liverpool V’ AC Milan

    Liverpool went 3 – O down in the first half and looked dead and buried, only to stage what has been described as the greatest final comeback in European football history. They managed to get back to 3 – 3 in the second half before snatching victory in Penalties.

    Lots of people at work are talking about the race, many are not even F1 fans and they are simply buzzing who the conclusion of a championship could be so exciting. Unfortunately there had to be a loser, but I think Brazil has created a very positive impression.

  13. Roger Carballo AKA Architrion said on 3rd November 2008, 16:47

    I’m with you, Lustigson. And what about the penalty Massa was given in Singapur? This seems pretty like what happens with refferees and the football season. The leave you tied with pros and cons.

    I understand all the hysteria and lewismania rising up after he clinches his first wdc. But I’d expect some balanced opinion speaking out loud on the tv that it was emotional, risky, hard and full of pressure win, but….

    but it wasn’t as brilliant as other we’ve seen recently. The Bahrain and Canada errors were ugly, hard to understand, silly?? There was emotion till the end, but How much of it came because of those errors? Is this season just as brilliant as a Schumi’s 2004, a Fred’s 2005, a Senna’s 1988?

    The ball is on your roof, Keith.

  14. Richard C said on 3rd November 2008, 17:02

    Carlos Sainz 500m from the end of the GB rally 1998! gifting championship to Makinen.

  15. Roger Carballo AKA Architrion said on 3rd November 2008, 17:25

    I’ve found one supreme moment that happened THIS YEAR…. Wimbledon’s final… an instant classic. Certainly, no doubt about it, the best tennis match ever played, heavy weighted drama till the end. The only difference? Nadal and Federer they both played supreme tennis, while, yesterday, Lewis wasn’t as brilliant as he usually does while on the razor’s edge.

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