A great sporting moment?

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

It?s easy to get carried away in the excitement of the moment, so I waited until today before writing this piece.

Was what we saw yesterday one of the great sporting moments? How does it compare to other memorable F1 championship finales?

A clean fight

One of the most gratifying things about yesterday?s title decider was that it was a clean fight.

The Ayrton Senna-Alain Prost collisions of 1989-90 stick in the memory for obvious reasons, as do the Michael Schumacher scandals of 1994 and 1997.

Yesterday?s stunning title decider was all the more exceptional because it was clean from start to finish (unless you subscribe to The Glock Delusion).

Flashback to Spa

Remarkably, the season finale ended in similar circumstances to the notorious Belgian Grand Prix earlier this year. A rain storm blew in, soaked the circuit, and left the drivers faced with a perilous decision whether to change tyres or not.

Given how close the Spa penalty came to deciding the championship, it was deeply ironic that the final race should end in similar circumstances ?ǣ but with a different twist.

F1 Fanatic live blog

While the world’s TV commentators struggled to keep up with the action the 722 of us following the race on the F1 Fanatic Live Blog were doing the same. Here?s a small sample of the discussion (with typing tidied up):

18:42 Journeyer: Hamilton now exposed to Vettel. GOODNESS.
18:43 Ben Goldberg: this is for the championship!
18:44 Journeyer: KUBICA?!
18:44 sam: this is horrible
18:45 rich: Vettel passses him
18:45 DanD: Vettel got by HAM, putting HAM in p6
18:46 Filipe: Now the only hope for Ham is Glock having some problem
18:47 gerdoner: last corner
18:47 Ollie (BlogF1): GLO ran slow. They passed for 5th.
18:47 DanD: Glock gave it up, HAM in p5
18:48 Journeyer: WHOAAAAAAAA!
18:48 doctorvee: OMG WHAT A RACE
18:48 rich: HAM WC 2008
18:48 DanD: shocked Massa family
18:48 F1Fanatic.co.uk: That is incredible. That is the most stunning championship I’ve ever seen.
18:49 Robert McKay: Greatest title climax ever.

Read the full original live blog here.

Other great sporting moments

How does that race compare to other great moments in other sports? I’m not an expert in much sport beyond F1, so I’d appreciate your thoughts on it.

Yes, the middle part of the Brazilian Grand Prix was fairly static. But for me that only served to heighten the tension: all race long Massa was poised to grab the title if Hamilton faltered in the slightest.

The last time I remember seeing the destiny of a major championship change courses so late in the day was when Manchester United snatched the Champions’ League trophy from Bayern Munich in 1999.

What other sporting moments would you compare the Brazilian Grand Prix to?

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