“Achtung Glock!” “Na ???ltima curva!” – How the world saw F1 title shock (video)

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Commentators went crazy as the title changed hands on the last lap
Commentators went crazy as the title changed hands on the last lap

We will surely not see another championship finale like we saw yesterday for a long time.

Around the world, television commentators struggled to keep up with the action unfolding before their eyes. Britain celebrated, Brazil mourned, and the Spanish commentators missed Hamilton passing Glock…

In Britain, ITV were broadcasting their final Grand Prix. They put the experience accumulated in the preceding 205 F1 races to call the end of the race perfectly.

Spanish F1 fans not being so keen on Hamilton, their commentators thought they were cheering Massa home to become champion. When Hamilton crossed the line in fifth and the truth dawned they began asking ??Where?s Glock??? McLaren fans will enjoy the schadenfraude:

The poor Brazilian commentator Galvao Bueno did not miss the significance of Hamilton passing Glock. As the McLaren headed for the line he chanted ??Na ultimate curva?? (‘the last corner’) over and over, then counted the drivers across the line…

The German commentators called it spot-on too (“Achtung Glock”):

Thanks to David Watkins for some of the video links and translations. Please post any others you find below.

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