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Guest writer David Watkins looks at the Brazilian and Spanish press reaction to the Brazilian Grand Prix.

The Brazilian press was today united in praise for Sao Paulo’s Felipe Massa after he came agonisingly short of clinching his first world championship.

In ‘Gazeta Esportiva’ columnist Fernando Solera laments Ferrari’s fuel hose blunder in the pitlane in Singapore but concedes that both Massa and Hamilton would have been worthy champions

“There are very few head-to-head contests in which both contenders would deserve the crown.

“No-one could ever say that Felipe coming second would be no better than coming last. Because he didn’t lose it. The British driver won it.”

Livio Oricchio, in Jornal da Tarde, says Massa can hold his head up high after a flawless performance in a race that saw every conceivable type of track conditions.

“There are some defeats which see the fans leave the track, stadium or indoor arena with their heads held high. Hurting of course from losing the win or the championship but happy, proud of its driver who had just demonstrated his immense talent, mental strength and also the class to accept the defeat and congratulate his opponent as he watched him celebrate.”

He also says he can think of no driver in the last few decades that has improved so much in his time in F1 as Massa.

Some of the strongest criticism of new World Champion Lewis Hamilton has come from the Spanish media but there were generous tributes to him today, one of which comes from Manel Serras in El Pais.

“He (Hamilton) is one of those prodigies that appear in the sporting world once in a blue moon but who become true heroes as they fulfil the potential that they are blessed with”

“He’s been a blessing for the British, the inventors of so many sports in which they no longer manage to shine and therefore so much in need of some big stars.”

Writing in El Mundo Ferrari test driver Marc Gene says Hamilton’s victory is “good news for Formula one.”

“I bumped into him (Hamilton) at the Goodwood Festival where we drivers are always nice and relaxed and we chat quite a lot. He is a charming, friendly young lad, just like his father, no matter what view outsiders have of him. Lewis is a polite person even though this season he’s said some things he shouldn’t have. He has always spoken fondly of Spain and has never complained no matter what the circumstances. He’s enjoyable company. He deserves the title: the reward for being just a normal 23-year-old,” Gene writes.

However Carlos Miguel, one of Hamilton’s biggest critics, is less generous.

“The incomprehensible collapse of Timo Glock ended up handing the title to McLaren’s British driver. We’ll never know if it was the result of Glock’s aim to become Lewis’ friend for life or the result of something far worse,” Miguel writes.

“Did Timo let them past or was it an agreement the teams came to before the start? It seems strange that, on the last lap, Jarno Trulli did exactly the same lap time (1:44). It’s as if both Toyota engines had been turned down from the pitlane to avoid suspicion.”

Please post links to and translation of any other interesting foreign coverage of the Brazilian Grand Prix below.

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