Alonso and Piquet Jnr confirmed at Renault for 2009

Fernando Alonso and Nelson Piquet Jnr will remain at Renault in 2009

Fernando Alonso and Nelson Piquet Jnr will remain at Renault in 2009

Fernando Alonso has committed his future to Renault, ending speculation over a possible move to Ferrari in 2009.

Renault has become the seventh team to announce an unchanged line-up for 2009 with Nelson Piquet Jnr remaining alongside Alonso.

Alonso had been linked to Ferrari, BMW and Honda at different stages during the season. But after the first two teams confirmed they would stay with the same drivers for the foreseeable future, Alonso was increasingly expected to stay at Renault.

He has enjoyed an excellent end to the season with the team, winning two of the last four races. He scored 33 points in the final four rounds, 13 more than any other driver (Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa each scored 20).

Piquet has not enjoyed a very successful a season in his first year of F1. He had more non-mechanical DNFs than any other driver (seven) and was the only driver to be out-qualified by his team mate at every round.

Earlier rumours suggested Renault might promote Lucas di Grassi or Romain Grosjean in his place. Piquet’s retention is not going to diminish suggestions that, after 2007, Alonso doesn’t want to share a team with a competitive driver again.

But with Renault clearly enjoying a resurgence, the prospect of Alonso facing down Hamilton and the Ferrari duo for the 2009 championship is an enticing one…

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49 comments on Alonso and Piquet Jnr confirmed at Renault for 2009

  1. beneboy said on 5th November 2008, 21:23

    I’m happy Piquet has been given the drive next season.

    He may have had a poor season but at times he’s looked very good. Very few (if any) drivers have a rookie year like Lewis had & for most drivers being teamed up with the most successful driver on the grid is a daunting prospect.

    Just as Alonso suffered due to Lewis’s relationship with Ron last season, so to has Piquet suffered due to Alonso’s relationship with Flavio. Alonso will always be given preferential treatment as far as machinery & strategy is concerned at Renault.

    I hope Piquet does well next season & is able to push Alonso from the start as this will encourage Alonso and hopefully help him compete for the championship, if his car is good enough.

    If I were Alonso I’d be a little worried about 2010, there could well be a very good young German moving to Ferrari then & if Felipe or Kimi want to stay on then he could find himself out in the cold.

  2. Hey, man, don’t take it too bad from me

    No, no Roger, I didn´t take it bad…;). In fact, any Mclaren supporter or Lewis fan need to be here trying to defend or prove at any cost that Lewis is a worth champion or a worth driver. In fact, Lewis did it for himself Sunday, here in Brazil. This is why I do not care anymore about any bash (what is not your case!) or I do not need to be in fight for the team or for the driver at any place.

    We, fans and supporters, we are happy and celebrating the success of the team and the driver, just that!

    In fact, I hope to see Alonso with a fast car (he is a worth champion, a superb driver who deserves one!) to be beat by Lewis again, and in a fair and square way without any complains this time, as Lewis did with Ferrari this year. This is why motor racing is about.

    Abrazos, amigo ;)

  3. diseased rat said on 5th November 2008, 21:52

    I am also happy to see Piquet to retain his drive. The couple of GP2 drivers talked about to maybe replace him have hardly set the world on fire.

    Piquet has had some bad races and of course having a team mate like Alonso is usually going to make life tough. However Piquet has also had some really good performances here and there. Germany does spring to mind, I know everyone wants to say that was all down the the safety car but Piquet had to actually keep the car on the track under extreme pressure and put in decent lap times to bring that home after the luck, which he did. His Japan performance was also very good, and not helped by a safety car.

    He does need to up his game a notch next season though or he will be out, and I’m sure he knows that had will apply everything he has learned this season to do so.

  4. zerogee said on 5th November 2008, 23:56

    I too wondered why Piquet got another year then remembered what he is – slower than Fernando. While I reckon Fernando was the driver of the latter half of the season, he’s still pretty insecure. Sad, really, but then so was Schumacher, needlessly so.

  5. Give it up – you have nothing to rely on but tired, old wives types of media talking points.

  6. Fergus Gallas said on 6th November 2008, 1:44

    To Everyone who rates Di Grassi and Bruno Senna so high.

    How come do you all are so sure that Di Grassi or Bruno could do so well in F1. This is something you can never tell looking at their careers so far. I wonder why all this fuzz about them besides Bruno’s family name. They never won a single title so far.

    Piquet is not just in racing by his name, it’s impossible to win races and titles only with a NAME.
    He had means to support his career, but money doesn’t crowns you the younger British F3 winner of all time.

    Di Grassi could be a F1 champ someday, but nothing in his background years convinces me that he is better than Piquet.

    If you guys rate drivers as F1 material or not so frequently, what has Bruno Senna done to convince you that he is the so called “F1 material”. What I’ve said about Di Grassi you can double about Bruno. He’s done nothing yet to deserve a F1 seat.

    Bruno is gonna make tests in Honda and Toro Rosso someone might say. Keith could tell us all how much that means in midia exposure for the Brands/Teams. One thing I’ve learned this year after 31 F1 seasons is that there is no such thing as a F1 free test for a newcomer. The driver pays for the test and it’s not cheap I must say.

    Piquet is a fine driver, his career so far shows it. He needed a second year to win the F3 Sudamericana as much as Lewis needed a second year to win Formula Renault UK. Piquet needed a second year to win British F3 as much as Lewis needed a second year to win F3 Euroseries. Both had a wonderful second year in GP2. Lewis needed a second year to win the F1 crown. Why not give a second shot to Piquet in F1, he seems to like a second year as much as Lewis……
    All this is to say a simple thing. Let Piquet have a go in 2009, he is, like it or not, a winner wherever his raced so far.


    P.S.: I’m not a Nelson Piquet Jnr die hard fan. But I think he’s a good driver and I don’t understand why so many of you dislikes him, maybe it’s because his father made Mansell looks like “Mr.Bean with helmets” years ago.

  7. “Piquet’s retention is not going to diminish suggestions that, after 2007, Alonso doesn’t want to share a team with a competitive driver again.” – Of course true. But why would Renault (Flavio) do that? Renault must also concentrate on competing for constructor’s championship as well, with Piquet I don’t see any possibility for such a thing to happen.

  8. I am surprised by Nelson staying another f1 season with Renault. But Alonso was an excelent endseason.
    Surprised too I am by Kovalainen still in Mclaren-Mercedes. HIs driving is so bad. Look at this:
    Alonso: fifth with 61 points. (a slow renault)
    Kovalainen: seventh with 53 points (Super mercedes)

  9. Fergus Gallas said on 6th November 2008, 11:26

    For the record:

    Nelson Angelo Piquet made 19 points in his first year.
    The best performance of a brazilian rookie driver ever.

    Not bad.

  10. Was hoping Renault would be patient with Piquet , and keep him another year . Now they have , I’m glad , and even more that Alonso is staying . Piquet was challenging for GP2 champion with Ham. and I think only just lost out. Maybe being a 3 time WDC’s son coupled with starting first F1 year in a difficult car has also put him under a lot of pressure , but while I would not bet money that he will become a world champion , I think he will prove to be a very good F1 pilot in future. Probably better next year than Di Grassi or Grosjean would do in their first year of F1 , and that’s what would have tilted Renaults decision in his favour , nothing to do with Alonso , his famous father or whatever other carp is suggested. As for the duel of Alonso vs Hamilton , yes , that thought alone can easily carry me through the closed season.

  11. My predictions:

    HONDA: Button + Senna
    STR: Buemi + Di Grassi

    By the way, senna and Di grassi are fighting for a Honda´s seat, but at this point a seat in STR seems to be a better way…..

  12. Oliver said on 6th November 2008, 13:45

    Alonso staying at Renault was the ticket to Piquet retaining his drive. Piquet was a loud mouth before he got his drive in F1 and it’s my belief that his experience has humbled him.

    He was never expected to beat his team mate or compete with him all season. He was not expected to make so many silly mistakes while under no pressure whatsoever.

    Mclaren have always wanted the best drivers they can get in their team. Heikki was a choice forced on them. They wanted Rosberg and a few others, and no way would they not give Rosberg equal machinery.
    Heikki is still adjusting to the car after 2 years driving a Renault with a different characteristics. The problem he has is not so much that he qualifies with a heavier fuel load, its just mainly that he is not able to maintain a steady pace during the race, so a light fuel load might compromise his chances during the race.

    Some older drivers need to leave and make room for up coming talent. Barichello isn’t going to be world champion even if he drives a Ferrari right now, neither will be, Fisichella and a few others.
    My fear with Button is that, if he cannot motivate Honda all these seasons to produce a car worthy of winning championships, then he is also a passenger in that team, and the team thus needs a driver who can motivate them.

    Simulators don’t make a driver any better. Kimi used the simulator at Mclaren and it didn’t make him world champion, like wise Coulthard and Montoya. Matter of fact, the driver who has used Mclaren’s simulator the most is Pedro, and much good it has done him. Even Hamilton has said the Simulator isn’t much help.
    True drivers will stand out every time, if help is needed in knowing what direction the track goes, any video game can help with that.

  13. PRIDE said on 6th November 2008, 18:27

    I think Renault did right on not replacing Piquet for other rookies

    As far as the next pairings

    Honda: Button-Senna
    STR: Bourdais-Buemi

  14. Santiago said on 6th November 2008, 18:54

    This story about FA not wanting a competitive driver in his team is just rubbish. He not only wants to win the WDC but also the WCC. The only thing he asks to the team is to be Nº1, that means he chooses strategy first , wich means quite a lot of things, because the car changes quite a lot depending on fuel, tyres and so on. He has said that several times, and that “equality” in F1 does not exist, in spite of the same arero and engines.

    Nelson has had a dreadful season in a car that Alonso said was undriveable in many times during the season. And with TC banned was much more for a rookie ( I´d like to see some of the top drivers in that car last season, and see how good they did compared to Nelson). I´m sure he will do better next season. And with more power in the engine things will be much tight in front. I think next season will be much more interenting that this one. There is a race now to get the best car, as every one begins from almost zero, and do not forget the KERS.

    BTW, has anyone seen the advertisment of a BMW with an energy recovery system from the brakes?. It is on sale now at your next cardealer. Hum…..

  15. michael counsell said on 6th November 2008, 20:19

    Alonso has the most points in the last 8 races of the season not just the last 4:

    Last 8 races (Top 4)

    Alonso: 48
    Massa: 43
    Hamilton: 40
    Vettel: 29

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