Alonso and Piquet Jnr confirmed at Renault for 2009

Fernando Alonso and Nelson Piquet Jnr will remain at Renault in 2009

Fernando Alonso and Nelson Piquet Jnr will remain at Renault in 2009

Fernando Alonso has committed his future to Renault, ending speculation over a possible move to Ferrari in 2009.

Renault has become the seventh team to announce an unchanged line-up for 2009 with Nelson Piquet Jnr remaining alongside Alonso.

Alonso had been linked to Ferrari, BMW and Honda at different stages during the season. But after the first two teams confirmed they would stay with the same drivers for the foreseeable future, Alonso was increasingly expected to stay at Renault.

He has enjoyed an excellent end to the season with the team, winning two of the last four races. He scored 33 points in the final four rounds, 13 more than any other driver (Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa each scored 20).

Piquet has not enjoyed a very successful a season in his first year of F1. He had more non-mechanical DNFs than any other driver (seven) and was the only driver to be out-qualified by his team mate at every round.

Earlier rumours suggested Renault might promote Lucas di Grassi or Romain Grosjean in his place. Piquet’s retention is not going to diminish suggestions that, after 2007, Alonso doesn’t want to share a team with a competitive driver again.

But with Renault clearly enjoying a resurgence, the prospect of Alonso facing down Hamilton and the Ferrari duo for the 2009 championship is an enticing one…

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49 comments on Alonso and Piquet Jnr confirmed at Renault for 2009

  1. Santiago said on 6th November 2008, 21:16

    New BMW Serie 3 with BMW EfficientDynamics. Find it out.

  2. marie said on 7th November 2008, 5:19

    I disagree to all those who said that Piquet does not deserve to be in Renault 2009 line up. C’mon everybody deserves a second chance and I absolutely think that Nelson already learned from his mistakes..and those people who has passion for what they do will improve to be the best on their field ..and racing is his passion so I definitely know that 2008 season is an eyeopener for him to make him better next year. I agree with fergus his second year in F1 might be his break.

  3. Santiago,

    Consider something for a moment- if Fernando wanted his teams to win the WCC, do you think he would have opened his mouth and helped ignite an inter-team firestorm at McLaren last year? Just asking…..

    First up, this was easily the worst-kept secret around F1 for the last month or so, and we all saw it coming, esp. after FA turned up on the top step in Singapore. It’s just anohter example of Flavio and Fernando padding their egos and saying “Look at us!!!” With that said, Piquet still has his drive because…….
    – He’s got a big name that brings attention
    – He’s tied to major financial backers
    – Most importantly, he won’t challenge Fernando.

    Sure, we can say that McLaren and Renault want the top guys in both cars, but honestly, how many people out there really celebrate the WCC? It’s all about their no. 1 drivers, and McLaren and Renault will be keen to keep their current lineups for some time.

  4. Young drivers need time and the best example of that is Renault. Last year it took Kovalainen half a year to sort his problems out. This year it was the same with Nelson Piquet. Both of them had reasonable testing experience of F1 car before they arrived in Formula One. Albeit Piquet didn’t had as much luxury as Heiki

    Drivers like Senna, di Grassi, Grosjean or Buemi have almost no experience in these cars compared to that. That shows that the testing rules need to be modified to help young drivers learn the basics. The risk of taking them on board has become just too big. Drivers like Glock, Piquet or Bourdais have learnt so much in their first season that it can never be matched by a newcomer in just a few races.

    Also agree with the view above that if Testing restrictions cannot be lifted for cost saving, then give access to new drivers to “Simulators”

    JPM,DC, Kimi are essentially “work in the race” type drivers, One of the Reason Dennis the control freak was never comfortable with these blokes, was they were already set in a typical Mould which Ron couldn’t undo and impart his ways.

    And as one of the poster mentioned above – If Indeed Lewis has denied having benifitted from “hours and hours” Ron made him test in the simulator. Thats one big slap in face of Ron by the Young Man (And I am not surprised to see that). That ungraceful kid knew every bump and every gradiation of every circuit,even before he had stepped foot on it

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