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Bernie Ecclestone champions Lewis Hamilton

“On the question of the future of the British Grand Prix, Ecclestone was adamant that the race will be cancelled after next year if Donington Park, which has the contract in place of Silverstone, is not ready in time. Whether Hamilton is world champion or not is irrelevant. ‘Even if Lewis is world champion, we will simply say we will get on with the calendar and that England won’t be included,’ Ecclestone said.”

Hamilton says racist abuse not a joke

“Hamilton said he hadn’t heard Ecclestone’s comments and stressed that he himself had put the taunts behind him, he made it clear he didn’t regard them as trivial or humorous.

‘I don’t particularly look at it as a joke,’ he was quoted as saying by Reuters at a sponsor event on Thursday.

‘It’s something that’s happened but it’s in the past and you’ve got to look forward.'”

Lewis Hamilton could have been withdrawn from F1 over racists and abuse

“The 48-year-old father of new world champion Lewis spoke for the first time about the agonising punishment his family suffered in the build up to Sunday’s remarkable finale.

“The final straw came when TV pranksters threw a bad luck black cat at Hamilton and then at his disabled brother, Nic, for cheap laughs.”

Stewarding the stewards

“The great opportunity for F1 stewards now is to show that they can make the right decisions for the right reasons and the sport will benefit from that. There will still be tight calls where they need to hear from the drivers involved before making a judgement, but on the whole we should get clear answers. And, unlike the referee in soccer, they have the luxury of being able to take the time to get it demonstrably right.”

People who say I let Lewis past are completely stupid, says Glock

“Dismissing frenzied rumours of a pre-race agreement between Toyota and McLaren, Glock, 26, said: ‘Anyone who thinks I let Lewis past is completely stupid.'” Well said.

Schuey in shock at Lew late show

Michael Schumacher: “What a finale.

“I am still overwhelmed from the race. I have never seen anything like it, neither as a racer nor as a spectator – you can probably only say it was down to fate.

“I congratulate Lewis Hamilton and I’m sending very warm greetings to Felipe and all of our guys in Brazil.

“Felipe can leave that race with his head held high. Surely his display has convinced all the people who still had doubts about his driving skills. He will definitely attack again next year. ”

Respect and chivalry

“What the sport showed on Sunday is that passion, class and style generates respect and the sport will achieve so much more if it is respected.”

Felipe Massa – no more the nearly man

“Qualifying was key to Massa’s success. All six victories came from front-row starts (a statistic detractors will doubtless use to try and belittle his achievements) but that was far from the whole story.”

Hard times still ahead for Lewis

“A little modesty and humility go a long way in the public eye, even when you must feel you have not the slightest thing to be modest or humble about.”

Hamilton and McLaren fear sabotage ahead of climax to Grand Prix season

“With Hamilton needing to finish fifth or better to clinch the title, three security staff will be stationed in the McLaren pits to guard against a repeat of last year when cables in the team’s in-car radio were cut in the garage.” By who?

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