2008 Weblog Award nominations

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

I’ve nominated F1 Fanatic in three categories of the 2008 Weblog Awards. Last year F1 Fanatic reached the final voting stage in the ‘Best Sports Blog’ category. It was the only motor racing site nominated and finished sixth overall.

Can we do better this year? This is only the nomination stage so your votes won’t decide the winner just yet. But without them there’s not much chance of getting F1 Fanatic nominated into the final ten.

If you want to nominate F1 Fanatic, head over to these links and click the ‘+ Score’ button next to F1 Fanatic. Thanks very much!

And if you want to support all the motor sport bloggers then add a vote for these guys too: Planet IRL, IRL Defender, Full Throttle, My Name Is IRL, PressDog, Asian Motorsports, Yaumb, Sidepodcast and BlogF1.

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