Lewis Hamilton and Barack Obama

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Lewis Hamilton celebrates his record-breaking F1 world championship title
Lewis Hamilton celebrates his record-breaking F1 world championship title

Unless you’ve been living on Venus it can’t have escaped your notice that Lewis Hamilton’s feat of becoming the first mixed race driver to win the F1 championship occurred in the same week America elected Barack Obama as its first non-white president.

American reader Kevin MacCauley emailled in a light-hearted look at the coincidences between the two:

There’s some huge similarities between our 2008 President Elect and our 2008 World Champion: (aside from the obvious)

  • Both winning teams (McLaren and the Democrats) have been repeatedly defeated by a huge opposition team that has won everything for six of the last eight years. (Republicans lost Congress for two of those years, Ferrari lost two titles to Renault). In recent times this well-oiled machine has fallen out of form, losing key personnel and making embarrassing blunders along the way. Still powerful, still with a huge base, but more reckless in strategy. I’m not gonna touch the corruption thing…
  • Both our 2008 winners had useless team mates.
  • Both our 2008 winners went into the deciding event with a several-point advantage ? but it was still an unexpected, unbelievable, history-making result.
  • The amount of money and resources it took to win in 2008 is inexplicably more than it took eight years ago. The game has changed infinitely.

So… Ross Brawn is Karl Rove?

Unfortunately there’s one more coincidence to add: both victories have been followed by rows over race: Obama being congratulated on his ‘sun tan’ by Silvio Berlusconi, and Bernie Ecclestone being criticised for his view of the racial taunts Lewis Hamilton faced earlier this year. More on that later…

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