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Felipe Massa’s 2008 season in pictures 9th November 2008, 21:16

Felipe Massa may not have won the world championship but he won praise for his dignity in defeat. He rallied from a poor start to the season to make a convincing championship challenge and forced his critics to revise their opinions of him. This is his year in pictures.

$4,378,133 – the price of a point in 2008

Ferrari is the F1 team that made the best use of its budget in 2008. The constructors’ champions spent $2.4m per point this year – less than any of its rivals. At the other end of the scale, Force India and Super Aguri (deceased) failed to score at all, giving no return on their comparatively […]

Links: The Schumacher song

Does anyone know the words?

40 ways to survive the off season p4/4

If you’ve not already figured out how to make it to March without going crazy, here are ten more ways to sate your F1 craving this off-season.

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