$4,378,133 – the price of a point in 2008

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Kimi Raikkonen scored one point in Melbourne, which cost Ferrari $2.4m in 2008
Kimi Raikkonen scored one point in Melbourne, which cost Ferrari $2.4m in 2008

Ferrari is the F1 team that made the best use of its budget in 2008. The constructors’ champions spent $2.4m per point this year – less than any of its rivals.

At the other end of the scale, Force India and Super Aguri (deceased) failed to score at all, giving no return on their comparatively meagre budgets. Honda spent almost 12 times as much per point scored as Ferrari. Full breakdown below.

Team Estimated 2008 budget* Points $ per point
Ferrari $414,900,000.00 172 $2,412,209.30
BMW $366,800,000.00 135 $2,717,037.04
McLaren $433,300,000.00 151 $2,869,536.42
Toro Rosso $128,200,000.00 39 $3,287,179.49
Renault $393,800,000.00 80 $4,922,500.00
Red Bull $164,700,000.00 29 $5,679,310.34
Williams $160,600,000.00 26 $6,176,923.08
Toyota $445,600,000.00 56 $7,957,142.86
Honda $398,100,000.00 14 $28,435,714.29
Force India F1 Team $121,850,000.00 0 n/a
Super Aguri $45,600,000.00 0 n/a

*Source: Formula Money

As Red Bull and Toro Rosso are run by the same company, we can take their totals together: for a combined $292.9m they scored a total of 68 points, costing $4.3m per point.

Interestingly, that is very close to the average paid per point by all the F1 teams combined: $4,378,133.90.

In a closely-fought season, Ferrari spent half a million dollars more per point than it did in 2007. BMW, reflecting its progress, spent over half a million less than it did last year. More information: 2007 F1 teams budgets versus points scored.

But with the global recession putting the squeeze on F1 sponsors, will teams still be able to spend these astronomical sums in the future?

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