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Hamilton boosts British GP 10th November 2008, 19:55

22,000 tickets sold in a week

Will Force India make a leap forward in 2009 after their McLaren deal?

Force India?s technical tie-up with McLaren-Mercedes, which was rumoured for several weeks, was announced today. Having used Ferrari engines in 2006 (as Spyker) and 2007, Force India is embarking on an ambitious project which will see them use the same gearbox, KERS, Mercedes engine and other parts as McLaren. How will this massive acquisition of […]

How will you remember F1 2008?

How will you remember the 2008 F1 season? A close battle for the title that built to a glorious crescendo? Or a comedy of errors between two racers seemingly desperate to throw the championship away? Here are six memories of the 2008 championship that stand out in my mind – share yours below.

F1 links: November 10th

Too much money is wasted in F1 – Klien Christian Klien: "Perhaps too much money is wasted. Take for example Jenson Button: he uses 18 helmets per season and every one costs 6,000 euros before the paint." Piquet says he was ‘green’ on F1 debut Nelson Piquet Jnr said: "It wasn't the season I dreamed […]

Race-by-race review (F1 2008)

We shared every twist and turn in the 18 Grands Prix of 2008 here on the F1 Fanatic Live Blogs. Here’s a reminder of how each race unfolded and what we said about the most exciting moments of the year as they unfolfed before our eyes:

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