F1 teams lobby for equal engines (Poll)

Renault want engine performance to be equalised in F1 in 2009

Renault want engine performance to be equalised in F1 in 2009

Honda and Renault are leading the push for F1 engines to have equal power outputs in 2009.

Renault?s Flavio Briatore is said to have demanded the equalisation because Renault, unlike many other teams, did not get around the ??engine freeze? rules to enhance its power output in 2008.

Should the FIA equalise engine power in 2009? How could it be done?

Coming only a few weeks after the Formula One Teams Association argued strongly and successfully against standard engines , it seems strange that some of those teams now wants the FIA to make all engine power outputs the same.

It seems like a very complicated proposal to me. The characteristics of an engine are not simply defined by its power output – torque and the nature of the power delivery (is it smooth and progressive or does it all come in one big lump) also play an important role. Would these have to be equalised too?

Would it even be technically possible for the FIA to monitor the different variables and ensure the teams don’t make further performance tweaks to their engines? Presumably it would have to be done by the standard ECU introduced this year.

The attraction of equalising engine power is that it would help keep the racing close. But is equalising engine performance an artificial device that contradicts the ethos of Formula 1?

Do you think the FIA should try to equalise the power of teams’ engines in 2009? Cast your vote below and have your say in the comments.

Should F1 teams get equal engines in 2009? (Poll)

  • Yes (16%)
  • No (80%)
  • Don't know (4%)

Total Voters: 497

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2009 F1 season

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40 comments on F1 teams lobby for equal engines (Poll)

  1. I wonder if the rules could change to be more like those used at Le Mans:
    The races are run to a set time limit (set by the tv broadcasts and satellite time).
    The cars carry (or are only allowed) enough fuel to last that long.
    Therefore, the more efficient cars can go faster for longer. Which will also reflect the driver’s style and the efficiency of the pit crew.
    There ought to be enough technology about to use telementary to show the more efficient cars.
    And it will relate whats happening on the track to normal cars.
    And it will show a ‘green’ side to F1 as its about speed and efficiency together.
    And the engines themselves don’t have to have equal power etc.
    I know Le Mans has been doing this for years, but it would be a better show case in F1……

  2. As far as the history of F1 goes (more than 5 decades) “formula” (rules, limits) was changing ever since, so changes aren’t anything new. This decision is quite controversial, but maybe it’s really needed. If few teams will leave F1, because they simply don’t have enought money to keep up with leaders, than who will be left to fight? Car industry is quite in f-up situation right now (just lost my job because of it) and i just hope it will not influence F1.

  3. Brilliant debate as ever Keith.

    And you have it spot on ! Surely fuel consumption is the only thing that gets the attention of the average joe these days. ‘Wot does it do to the gallon ?’ And obscure and deeply complicated costs of F1 development are entirely lost on him. Get F1 sending a message that if your car is super fast but guzzles gas at won’t make the chequered flag ! It’s a nice simple ‘Red Top’ publicity cert. As for all other arguments,just read some of the text stevepCambsUK gives us. Jeez……

    Always remember that however complicated and watertight you think you’ve made the rules, within a couple of weeks of presenting them, a couple of brilliant young engineers will blow a hole in it ! It’s the name of the game.

    And one final point. Has anyone looked closely at relative qualifying time across the 2007/2008 seasons lately ? The top ten cars are so close to each other, it hurts. So we need to make cars MORE competitive ???

  4. If Max and Flavio keep this foolishness up, they might just get outpaced by NASCAR. Yes, I said it.

  5. Oops. I meant to vote no but my hand leapt out of its own accord and clicked on yes. My bad.

    To me, there appears to be very little difference between ‘equal’ engines and ‘standard’ engines.

  6. Sush Meerkat said on 13th November 2008, 8:47

    I say bring back the odd angled V engines of Renault, a very clever workaround to having less power, better wieght distribution.

  7. nick clews said on 13th November 2008, 12:33


  8. Fahim Akram said on 14th November 2008, 9:32

    Max. Youre being an F1 dictator. Max, the Saddam Husein of F1.

  9. Rudy Van Goolen said on 21st November 2008, 17:44

    the same engines would take out the soul of F1 Wat would a ferrari be whit a honda engine

  10. Same engines say Honda. Yeah right and that’s from a team that less than 1 month later pulls the pin…

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