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The themes of 2008: Rain 12th November 2008, 13:00

Rain was one of the trends that defined the 2008 championship. Talk of the weather was seldom far from people’s lips this year, especially in the second half of the season. Time and again we were reminded of how a few drops of rain can transform a Grand Prix from a tedious procession into an […]

“From the Fells to Ferrari”

Cliff Allison biography review

F1 links: November 12th

It’s Hamilton’s title: Formula One diary, October 28 to November 4 "I am subsequently crushed by a cosmopolitan mish-mash of TV crews as I make a desperate bid to record an early Hamilton sound bite. The bruises are scarcely worth it as I escape to discover my voice recorder missed most of what he said, […]

The teams: Toyota, Toro Rosso and Red Bull (F1 2008)

One of the surprises of 2008 was Toro Rosso beating its sister team Red Bull in the constructors’ championship and claiming its maiden win. Toyota, meanwhile, had one of their best ever F1 seasons. Here’s a look at how these three teams performed in 2008.

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