BMW tests its 2009 Formula 1 car prototype – and it ain’t pretty (Pictures)

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Christian Klien has the best view of the F1.09 prototype - he he can't see it
Christian Klien has the best view of the F1.09 prototype - he can't see it

Several Formula 1 teams were back in action today for the first time since the Brazilian Grand Prix, testing developments ahead of the 2009 season.

BMW are the latest team to run developments of the aerodynamics package we can expect to see on its F1 car in 2009. It’s going to take some getting used to. Here’s 20 pictures, if you can take it…

Click once to preview, click again for high resolution version.

All pictures (C) BMW.

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85 comments on “BMW tests its 2009 Formula 1 car prototype – and it ain’t pretty (Pictures)”

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  1. Wow! Beautiful! The slick tyres, I mean. Not the car.

  2. The reason the car looks so daft is that it looks out of proportion. Before, the rear wing and the front wing were almost the same length. Now, the front wing is HUGE and the rear wing is much, much smaller. The changes do seem OTT and it certainly isn’t a looker, but if it produces close racing, then I’m all for it.

  3. looks like the BMW Williams Walrus.

  4. Captain Caveman
    17th November 2008, 15:15

    Well the looks are not great, I just hope that the racing is a vast improvement.

    On the cost saving side, I wonder how much money the teams are loosing on sponsorship by having that much less space to put logos on.

    Especially on the rear wing.

  5. Captain Caveman, according to Frank Williams his team is losing 25% of bodywork capable of having sponsorship, guess that’s Hamleys* off the books.

  6. that rear wing is hideous! in fact its so ugly it almost makes the front wing look attractive.

  7. i’m shocked at the awfulness.

    You know in a horror movie such as hostel, where you’ll see something gruesome that turns your stomach, but you carry on watching eyes wide open…. welcome to F1 regulations people.

  8. Those front wing end plates look very dangerous, they could cut a rear tyre if they came close to one. Did they not pass a rule years ago that the front wing end plates had to be flat and have curved edges as Sharpe ones were dangerous.

    It reminds me of a F3000 car from the early 2000’s.

    I think that this is only an interim car, BMW would not want to put out there a car that was representative of next years car and give ideas out to those to have yet to fully concentrate on the 2009 car.

  9. OK, so we can lower the rear wing so its not so silly looking, widen the rear bodywork to compensate. Lose the high air intake and make it two smaller ones on either side at head level. At the front we can make it a bi-plane or a tri-plane and have the same aero effect, and if we lengthen the wheelbase, it won’t look so dumpy!
    Ooops, that sounds like an IRL car!

  10. This is not the for 2009 BMW. Just a 2009 themed car. However, its an ugly proposition. As unsexy as Mosley.

    Ferrari’s biggest sponsor doesn’t appear much on their cars so I guess the small rear wings are okay. Other teams will just grow poorer and achieve the FIA’s objectives for grassroot racing.

  11. The rear wing looks as if it has been fixed from a toy car.

    The front wing is similar to what Williams had in 2002/2004; don’t emember for sure..

    Actually; F2008’s front wing without the bridge wing would also look like the same I think

  12. I guess the FIA’s improvment of overtaking is the postions gained due to half the field having to pit very early, becuase of front wings flying off the cars on the first lap.

  13. The more I look at it, the more I can see myself getting very used to it.

  14. I think that this is only an interim car

    I hope you’re right, although it would make sense to get data on real world physics to fine tune the body too. Then they can give the data to Albert to make sure he doesn’t make silly mistakes like last year*.

    * edit, last season, as in this year. When albert told them the car would act a certain way and it didn’t!

    The front wing is similar to what Williams had in 2002/2004

    yep, the walrus tusks, back when Williams was using BMW power.

  15. That front wing almost, almost, looks like a CDG wing with a bit in the middle to fasten to the supports.

    That looks way more ugly than the set-up Williams shook-down last week.

    Still, it’s been said before and surely will be again…if it goes fast, then it will start to look pretty..!!

  16. Looks like Clarkson \ Hammond & May have tried to make an F1 car. :D
    It will take some getting used to.
    Another chapter in F1 when the regulations bring a whole new looking F1.

  17. Are BMW testing a repainted Formula Palmer Audi chassis with an F1 spec front wing for a laugh?

    It looks completely out of proportion and deeply ugly – so far. But the narrow track, grooved tyre cars that were introduced in 1998 looked similarly awful at first. Hopefully, we’ll get used to it.

  18. yeah, my jaw fell open this morning when i saw the pics. but i do think the overall design will be refined in the end to produce an attractive package. god willing!

  19. HounslowBusGarage
    17th November 2008, 16:00

    That front wing . . .
    Why don’t they just have rotating knives attached to the front wheels and be done with it?

  20. These cars are ugly. And some insight people don’t even expect too much of the 2009 aero regulations either. Remember, the 2009 wings will be more or less standardized.

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