BMW tests its 2009 Formula 1 car prototype – and it ain’t pretty (Pictures)

Christian Klien has the best view of the F1.09 prototype - he he can't see it

Christian Klien has the best view of the F1.09 prototype - he can't see it

Several Formula 1 teams were back in action today for the first time since the Brazilian Grand Prix, testing developments ahead of the 2009 season.

BMW are the latest team to run developments of the aerodynamics package we can expect to see on its F1 car in 2009. It’s going to take some getting used to. Here’s 20 pictures, if you can take it…

Click once to preview, click again for high resolution version.

All pictures (C) BMW.

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85 comments on BMW tests its 2009 Formula 1 car prototype – and it ain’t pretty (Pictures)

  1. Super new look eh……? God ! aren’t they damned ugly !
    About as balanced in appearance as a sumo wrester on Ice Skates !
    The Beemer looks like it’s design team are Massey-Fergusson or John Deere escapees……still the ‘combine’ front wing should be useful for mowing the grass at the circuit run-offs !

  2. When I first saw that car, I thought “What the Hell??”

    But, it depends which angle you look at. For instance looking at it from the front, it looks really weird. But from the back, it looks like an early 90’s F1 car.

    To be completely honest, I actually like it.

  3. naderious said on 17th November 2008, 17:01

    sos , what the h… is that ??????????????????

  4. naderious said on 17th November 2008, 17:06

    the rear wing looks like my closet :(

  5. naderious said on 17th November 2008, 17:08

    i just wanna say :( :( :( :(

  6. Smitty said on 17th November 2008, 17:17

    Everybody, stop your belly aching. The cars look odd now, but you will get used to them very quickly.

    By the end of Melbourne, I assure you.

  7. I guess we F1 fans will never be happy. We didn’t like the shark-fins and nose wings; saying it was complex; and now we hate the new look because its too simple. :|

    I would take this new look; but a spoon-profiled front wing would be welcome. A flat one looks too out-dated.
    BTW, I was very fond of the nose wings; shark fins; end plates and all aerodynamic advancements which most of you found weird

  8. the snow plough era is upon us! hate it.

  9. The middle and backend (before that rear wing) of the BMW-Sauber looks fantastic!

    The front wing looks like someone digitally stretched it.

  10. did anyone notice the extra opening on the right side of the ferrari? it looks like a secondary cooling duct, but its only on one side.

  11. good god!!! that has to be the most ugly thing i’ve seen since………..well ever.

    i feel like crying!!!!!

  12. I dare say I’ll get used to it eventually. We won’t know if the new regulations will herald an age of exciting racing until next year. This isn’t the first time there have been new regulations intended to increase overtaking which in the end didn’t change much.
    Just like in other seasons when there have been big changes some teams will adapt better than others, so I predict that overall the teams won’t be as close next year as they were this year.

    The high wide nose reminds me more of an older Ferrari than the walrus Williams. While I generally still don’t like the look of F1 cars with a high nose I must be one of the only people who liked the walrus Williams.

    I won’t miss most of the aero add-ons, but I did like some of them. For me the 2005 McLaren was one of the best looking cars of recent years. The low wide nose with curvy front wing (before the bridge of later cars) the curved sidepods, the chimneys on top of the sidepods and the horns on the engine cover.

  13. pseudohendrix said on 17th November 2008, 18:13


    That is a deeply upsetting car to behold. What’s more, the aero ‘solution’ seem to simply be ‘make the rear wing of the car narrower so that the massively wide front wing of the following car can get some clean air from where the rear wing should be’
    Not very sophisticated imo. Slicks look great, they make such a difference.
    As for cost cutting, the teams will most likely develop at least two different cars for next season as KERS will work differently on different circuits

  14. ajokay said on 17th November 2008, 18:17

    eh, it looks alright. We’ll get used to it. At least they scraped all the crud off of it, the BMW was one of the most ‘wrongly put-together Airfix models’, as Martin brundle might say, of last year.

    The slick tyres look sexy too.

  15. That is the ugliest piece of crap that I have ever seen. ’nuff said.

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