BMW tests its 2009 Formula 1 car prototype – and it ain’t pretty (Pictures)

Christian Klien has the best view of the F1.09 prototype - he he can't see it

Christian Klien has the best view of the F1.09 prototype - he can't see it

Several Formula 1 teams were back in action today for the first time since the Brazilian Grand Prix, testing developments ahead of the 2009 season.

BMW are the latest team to run developments of the aerodynamics package we can expect to see on its F1 car in 2009. It’s going to take some getting used to. Here’s 20 pictures, if you can take it…

Click once to preview, click again for high resolution version.

All pictures (C) BMW.

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85 comments on BMW tests its 2009 Formula 1 car prototype – and it ain’t pretty (Pictures)

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  1. marvin guillen said on 19th November 2008, 2:00

    OH! my lord. Hope not to see does cars in 2009.They`re UGLY!!!
    FIA listen to the fans. Beautiful sport means the same for the cars. BMW,HONDA and others don`t make this mistakes.I hope not to see the rear wing that high.
    I`m big fan (Ferrari to say) of F1.Don`t break my heart.

  2. higher and narrower rear wing scares me to death. it’s horrible!!

  3. @ 70 Robert McKay

    The general opinion is F1 needs more overtaking, this simply isn’t true and these cars will certainly not provide it. Formula One by nature will produce race grids with little scope for position changes. These abomination aerodynamics will do nothing to change this characteristic of the sport and so we will still have half a dozen races which your describe as processional. What do we have to gain from these regulations? Perhaps some vanilla repositioning on the opening laps of races. What do we have to lose? The build up and anticipation over many laps, the anxiety over whether or not Lewis or Kimi will have a go into turn 1 this time around!

    Ask yourself this, do you actually expect a Ferrari that has qualified behind a Toyota, to overtake that Toyota and then stay close enough so that the Toyota will overtake it on the next lap, creating a battle of Gilles-Rene like legend? Of course not, the Ferrari is just going to drive off into the distance. How is this exciting to you, or anyone?

    As has been said by Windsor many times, if overtaking is all you covet, there’s plenty of places to go and get your fix. Leave F1 alone.

  4. huge mistake by the fia. the front wing is tooo wide. the car looks ugly as hell and is going to be very easy to knock it off when fighting for position. hey mosley.. maybe your new front wing is not going to help with close racing after all.

    i think the new rear wing is ok, and i’m happy that all those winglets are finally gone.

  5. Bert Geyer said on 22nd November 2008, 0:05

    That front wing is hung like Max Mosley!

  6. Iceman said on 24th November 2008, 18:04

    wow the 2009 cars look absoultely terrible. Just, FUGLY!
    Abominations! God max, were you drinking when you dreamed up such eye sores? Leave the danm cars alone and let the constructors build the best danm car they could put on the track. Standard ecu, engines, dumbed down aero specs and all that nonsense.

  7. Yikes!!! *** is this ?!? it looks worse than the cars from the 70’s. After all the money and tech., this is all they came up with a car that looks like a pimped out Go-cart??

  8. it looks like its from the 1970s

  9. Lewis said on 9th March 2009, 18:51

    This is a very beautiful car. I wish I could drive it!

  10. Markieye said on 27th March 2009, 22:45

    I disagree. The wider front wing and taller back wing makes it look like a scorpion :P

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