The best moments of 2008

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The spellbinding championship climax was the defining moment of 2008
The spellbinding championship climax was the defining moment of 2008

After that intense season finale it seems silly to ask what the best moment of the year was.

But there were other high points besides that in 2008. Here’s some of the most popular suggestions from F1 Fanatic readers and a few of my favourites too.

The last three laps at Interlagos

The unbelievable drama of the final laps at Interlagos will be remembered as one of the great moments in any sport – never mind just Formula 1. The tension ratcheted up as the rain started to fall and drivers dashed for the pits. Suddenly Vettel scrambled past Hamilton and the title was in Massa’s hands – but it all changed in the dying seconds as Glock’s tyre gamble failed and Hamilton grabbed the vital fifth place back.

Heart-breaking for Massa’s fans, heart-stopping for Hamilton’s. Don’t count on seeing the world championship decided at the final corner of the season again any time soon.

Muckymuck added of praise for Massa’s win at home:

Under all that pressure, he did what he needed to do and decimated the competition from qualifying to finish line. Total composure.

Re-live the last laps at Interlagos: ?σΤιΌ?τ Achtung Glock!?σΤιΌ?Ψ ?σΤιΌ?τNa ?β??ltima curva!?σΤιΌ?Ψ – How the world saw F1 title shock (Video)

Sebastian Vettel becomes F1’s youngest winner

Loki nominated this (as did Scott Joslin):

Vettel at Monza (and over the course of the second part of the season).

At the beginning of 2008 there were doubts over whether Sebastian Vettel had the substance to back up the hype. Monza surely answered those questions and set Vettel on the path to future stardom.

Hamilton’s home win

Sam and David Watkins picked Lewis Hamilton’s crushing win in the pouring rain at Silverstone as favourite moments of the season. So did Scott Joslin – who was there:

Being in the crowd at Silverstone on race day – great atmosphere and great race.

There’s nothing like seeing a driver win their home race – Lady Snowcat, who was at Interlagos, would surely agree. But the manner of Hamilton’s win at Silverstone was something else – it was the most emphatic victory we saw all year and the most dominant performance for many seasons.

More of my favourite moments

More of my highlights:

Timo Glock at Hungary – Excellent drive to second place.
Rubens Barrichello at Silverstone – F1’s most experienced driver ever proved it’s not time for him to call it a day just yet.
Felipe Massa’s pass on Lewis Hamilton at Hungary – Where did that come from? Awesome stuff.
Qualifying at Monza – From the strangeness of seeing the cars lapping a drenched Monza, to the drama as three of the title contenders failed to make it into Q3, this was one of the best qualifying sessions of the year.

What were your favourite moments of 2008? Share the below and read more here: 2008 – best and worst moments (forum)