2009 Formula 1 testing pictures part 2

Pedro de la Rosa drove a Force India and Honda tested a 2009 front wing

Pedro de la Rosa drove a Force India and Honda tested a 2009 front wing

More pictures from 2009 F1 testing at the Circuit de Cataluna below.

Today Pedro de la Rosa sampled a Force India, with rumours suggesting he might join the team next year. Interestingly, the car was still equipped with a Ferrari engine, potentially giving McLaren a chance to gain useful information on their rival’s engines.

Also Honda ran a 2009-style front wing (above) and Nick Heidfeld tried BMW’s 2009 aerodynamics kit.

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20 comments on 2009 Formula 1 testing pictures part 2

  1. Are bridge wings and spoon-shaped front wings “specifically” banned ?

  2. i prefer looking Honda 2009 car with wider rear wing than BMW’s or Williams’. they’re horrible.

    Honda’s proportional and balance front and rear wings makes it cool (for 2009 cars)

  3. These cars are hideous. Philistines, the one aero bit too many is the one that slows the car down. Does one look at the Bell X-1, Concorde, or the body of a sprinter and decide that it needs some re-styling?

    Obviously, and as many have pointed out, this wing design means that there will be piles of front wings in Turn 1 (and cut tires at all times). That’s not going to be so much fun.

  4. The side profile of the BMW looks nice and smooth. I did not like all the jagged bits sticking out everywhere on the F1 cars of recent years. A clumsy driver could break one off when getting into the car on the grid “Sorry Ron, I just caught it with my shoe climbing aboard, it’s dammed tight you know” That would go down well at McLaren!! I agree the front wing is a monstrosity and will cost teams some additional time in the pits to replace. But I’m up for anything that will allow racing and overtaking on the track, not in the pits!

  5. what a heap of junk… I liked the cars the past few years, they looked fighter jets on wheels. These new 09 cars look like a 8 year old has put them together. But i kinda got the feelng its was gonna be ruined in 2009.

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