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Just what the Doctor ordered

"Rossi appears not to take himself too seriously and remains a bit of a joker at heart – although he is deadly serious when it comes to winning races. One or two of the F1 drivers could take a leaf out of that book."

Ecclestone set on going for gold – Times Online

"Bernie Ecclestone, the sport's commercial rights-holder, confirmed yesterday that he is serious about dropping the points-based drivers' championship in favour of a medal-based title race, which he believes will make for more exciting racing." I still think it's a good idea

Lewis Hamilton steps off the podium and on to the postage stamp

"The Royal Mail is planning to honour Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One triumph with a commemorative set of stamps, The Times has learnt."

Honda burns record £147m in F1

"The Honda Formula One team has recorded the highest costs of any organisation in the sport, according to its latest accounts. Last year the team finished only eighth in the world championship but burned through £147m, with almost all the funding provided by the Japanese car company that owns the team."

Hamilton to race Hoy at Wembley

"Britain's triple Olympic cycling gold medallist Chris Hoy is to compete in a man versus machine race against Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton at Wembley." A nice PR stunt, but I'd rather see Hamilton going up against Michael Schumacher, David Coulthard, Jenson Button, Sebastian Vettel and the rest in the Race of Champions proper.

De la Rosa to test for Force India

"McLaren tester Pedro de la Rosa is to drive for the Force India Formula One team today and tomorrow at the Barcelona circuit."

Bosch and Magnetti Marelli reveal KERS

"Several manufacturers of electronic devices or hybrid drive solutions are presenting their own KERS, designed to meet the Formula One regulations for 2009. Two of them, Bosch and Magnetti Marelli have disclosed the details of their respective systems."

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