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F1 links: On FOTA and NASCAR 23rd November 2008, 18:07

A Qualifying Change From FOTA Clive on FOTA's qualifying brainwave: "The only thing that worries me is the elimination of the slowest driver after only one lap. That seems a bit harsh to me and I would prefer that they be given a few laps to warm up before the times begin to count." STOP […]

Why is FOTA worrying about qualifying when F1 faces far greater problems?

Fiddling while Rome burns. Re-arranging deckchairs on the Titanic. There are plenty of cliches to be thrown at FOTA’s plans to radically overhaul qualifying yet again. Why is FOTA trying to change a system that has already been tweaked eight times in the past five years? Its not as if there aren’t more serious problems […]

Jimmie Johnson is NASCAR’s #1 again – but how would he fare in Formula 1?

Jimmie Johnson won the NASCAR title for the third year in a row last week. In the past six years he’s also been runner-up twice, in 2003 and 2004. He doesn’t fit the NASCAR stereotype of a drawling redneck: Johnson is from California and flies to races in a Gulfstream jet. He’s also clearly one […]

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