A1 and Superleague show F1 the way

A1GP\'s live timing includes GPS tracking and instantaneous car data

A1GP's live timing includes GPS tracking and instantaneous car data

A1 Grand Prix and Superleague Formula may not be your cup of tea but they can teach F1 a thing or two about using the internet to reach out to fans.

Here’s a look at their enhanced race live timing systems for fans and official Youtube channels.

Enhanced live timing: A1 Grand Prix

A1 Grand Prix live timing (click to enlarge)

A1 Grand Prix live timing (click to enlarge)

Here are two screen grabs from A1 Grand Prix’s live timing system.

The first looks fairly similar to F1’s but the second shows some excellent innovations including a live GPS position tracker showing the location of each car on the track. On the right you can select whichever team you are following and monitor the speed and throttle and brake inputs of the driver in real-time.

A1 also offers live TV streaming over the internet and video highlights on the official site and on its Facebook group as well. All excellent ideas for promotion that F1 should copy.

A1 Grand Prix live timing (click to enlarge)

A1 Grand Prix live timing (click to enlarge)

Video sharing: Superleague Formula

I think the idea of a motor racing series based on football teams is about as cynical as they come. But offering an official Youtube channel (which I discovered via BritsonPole) for video sharing is an excellent promotional tactic.

Even better: the videos aren’t locked, so fans are free to embed them on their own sites.

I may never watch a Superleague race, but respect to them for being in tune with what modern sports fans expect. Formula 1 may be the better sport, but in terms of fan engagement it is a long, long way behind.

What other innovations have you noticed other motor racing series using?

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21 comments on A1 and Superleague show F1 the way

  1. Yeah i’ve never had a problem with f1 live timing. works perfect and i watch most sessions every race.

    more concerning is this Superleague Formula. *** is that?

    who’s stupid idea was it to brand open wheelers with football team names and colours? what’s the point… your not watching football, your watching a car race…

    i’m not from the UK – nor do i like football, but i’m assuming the reason people support a football team is that it’s their home town, or favorite team / players. just like we follow f1 teams or drivers – how that translates to motorsport purplexes me.

    if i supported Football team A, but the driver of the car that is also football team A is a complete loser that should not be in a car, i’m not going to be supporting him in the car.

    and since i really like football team A, i’d probably be angry that he sucks and is driving my teams car.

    “By combining the two, we hope to create a unique blend of entertainment, passion, fair play and exhilaration – the beautiful race!”

    ahhh… unless they start by playing football than race there’s no correlation.

    “While none of the clubs are required to contribute financially, the fans invest their support, ready to embrace the symbiosis of pure racing with their football club.”

    what tha hell… so how do the team owners sell advertising space and brand their cars when it’s covered in a football clubs livery… lets not forget the fact that a football team IS A BUSINESS – profitable enterprise – so in essence the cars are giving away boatloads of free advertising…

    “Superleague Formula (SF) is a brand new, global Championship that connects two of the most popular sports in the world: football and motor racing.”

    other than pretty colours i am just failing to see how it combines the two.

    end of the day they are screwing over team owners by forcing them to name their teams after another business name, run **** liveries and more.

    “We believe that football and motor racing can combine to deliver something spectacular”

    unless there’s a game of football during the pit stops – or while the drivers are racing on track the pit crews are battling it out on a football field somewhere there’s no connection there.

    sorry, i’m just finding this for the first time and i’m totally amazed that the crazed idea got off the ground.

  2. Patrickl – there’s a linux script out there that pulls down all the live timing data direct from the java backed of the f1 website.

    you can then use that data in your own system. forget the name of it but do some research, the data from f1.com is already being stripped out for use.

    i think a great addition to f1 would be online live streaming of the video with your own choice of camera to watch from. maybe 4-5 main streams and then any incar you want.

  3. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) said on 25th November 2008, 10:36

    Todd – it’s not the first time it’s been tried either, although at least this time they actually managed to put a race on.

  4. todd – I’ve mentioned S******Formula before here, as being a nice way for the football ‘teams’ to make more money.
    I haven’t wanted to check the website after finding that out, but did you see any familiar names either as drivers or the people actually making the cars go? I remember a lot of whitewash about them only wanting ‘the best of the best’ of the new generation, and I pointed out that they would be more interested in ‘real’ racing series like F3 and GP2, where they would be seen by the bigger teams and backers.

  5. Mussolini's pet cat said on 26th November 2008, 8:58

    Oh Keith (12),It lifted my heart to know there isn’t just a few angels….

  6. Gavin Brown (RubberGoat) said on 16th July 2009, 7:56

    Don’t forget the ‘After the Flag’ Video Podcast that MotoGP does – it is excellent and includes highlights, interviews, analysis and a bit of fun. If F1 did this it would be awesome!

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