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F1 links: On emissions and San Luis 27th November 2008, 19:53

What’s the carbon footprint of a Formula One (F1) car? "Over a race season using approx 100,000 litres of the stuff, that’s 231 tonnes of CO2. Per car. And each team has 2." Cry for Me, Argentina "We are stuck with the F1 that Max and Bernie choose to present to us and we will […]

Ferrari tests 3 Italian racers (Pictures)

It’s been 14 years since an Italian last started a Grand Prix for Ferrari, but that could change in the near future. Among the changes introduced by the new management at Ferrari is a young driver scheme and yesterday at Fiorano three up-and-coming Italian racers got a chance to sample a Ferrari F1 car. Here’s […]

What do F1 drivers do in the off-season?

Chaz sent in this question via Skribit: What do drivers do to keep up their race craft when season ends until it begins again five months later? With poor Mark Webber breaking his leg during an off-season activity this weekend F1 drivers may find their winter fun even more tightly restricted in the future. Here’s […]

Jonathan Summerton: F1’s next US star?

Who will be the next American to tackle Formula 1? Guest writer Gerard Hetman talks to his countryman Jonathan Summerton, an up-and-coming driver with his sights set on F1. It is a fact that in the world of Formula One, nationality can be a huge factor in determining the career prospects of a young driver. […]

Want to win ??100? One day left to enter

This is the final call for entries to the F1 Fanatic / Mind Your Own Business Podcast ‘Design an F1 Track’ competition. The deadline is midnight British time tomorrow – that’s 41 hours away… Just scribble out a design for an F1 track and send it in and you could win ??100. Entries are open […]

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