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What’s the carbon footprint of a Formula One (F1) car?

"Over a race season using approx 100,000 litres of the stuff, that’s 231 tonnes of CO2. Per car. And each team has 2."

Cry for Me, Argentina

"We are stuck with the F1 that Max and Bernie choose to present to us and we will never see the most advanced open wheel cars on the Potrero circuit. It is depressing to think that only the lesser formulae are likely to sample its delights." – Clive reacts to the post on the Circuito Potrero de los Funes

The biggest week in my life

David Coulthard on joining the BBC: "It will be new to me but not completely alien as I have been used to having a microphone under my nose for the last fourteen years. I hope to be able to give additional insight to what goes on behind the scenes at GP’s whilst explaining some of the team or driver decisions or incidents which inevitably will arise throughout the year." (Thanks Becken)

Global partnerships and F1

"The big difference between Formula One and the IOC and FIFA programmes is that the Olympics and the World Cup do not generate income to make the shareholders wealthier, but rather plough large amounts of the money back into the sports in question."

Medal meddling

"Putting wins at such a premium will not only fail to bring the predicted benefit: it will also add new dangers. It will create a massive incentive for team orders."

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