Codemasters barred from creating blog about their F1 game

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Someone wants you kept in the dark about Codemasters\' F1 game
Someone wants you kept in the dark about Codemasters' F1 game

There’s a huge appetite for Codemasters’ forthcoming F1 game and loads of people looking for information about it.

But Codemasters’ plans to create a blog about the 2009 title has been quashed. What’s going on?

One of Codemasters’ producers who posts on their forums as Uncle Chewy told fans:

I’m really sorry guys, but unfortunately our first blog has not been approved and we will be unable to release it. This situation may change in the New Year, but for the time being our blog will not be happening.

I can’t say anymore than this so please don’t ask.

Let’s crank up the conspiracy-o-tron:

  • Formula One Group don’t want information about the game’s development getting out. (But what could be so sensitive about? It’s only a video game.)
  • Someone higher up within Codemasters as refused approval. (But if this is an internal dispute, why are Codemasters airing their dirty washing on their own forum?)
  • This is just a stunt by Codemasters to get column inches on blogs. Nothing to see here.

I’ve tried a couple of times to get in touch with Codemasters about their 2009 F1 game, to put some of the hundreds of suggestions contributed by you to them.

I’ve not had a response yet, but I’ll keep trying, and perhaps this latest development will encourage them to find new ways to communicate with fans about this hotly-anticipated game.

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Thanks to Chalky for the tip!

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  1. Perhaps it would be seen as conflicting with the FOM agreement with the BBC on coverage?

  2. Jonathan Pulliam
    13th December 2008, 6:24

    You guys just don’t get it. The “license” to use “F1” isn’t worth 30 cents, much less 30 million dollars, to any true racing sim enthusiast. The features that are historically “missing” from these games (except for driving handling and driving physics ) are UN-SUPPLIABLE in the context of what F1 is courageous enough to license. Unobtanium. “Ain’t gonna happen”.

    Make the cars & tracks LIKE F1, but NOT NOT NOT F1. Do you know what verisimilitude means??

    Codemaster’s arrogance on this subject just takes the god damn cake!! You’re very naive to think they give so much as a a rat’s snotball about your suggestions. EVERY software corporate counsel who ever drew his invertebrate, slime covered form into vertical says NO to BLOGS. That’s one major reason why the products their clients produce so consistently underwhelm their customer base.

    Codemaster’s final F1 2009 product is VIRTUALLY GUARANTEED TO SUCK. It’s on a so-called “suckage trajectory”. I’ve already explained why in a separate post. You dopes are such RUBES!!! Half the features you ask for are preposterously NON-FEASIBLE.

    Be honest. Of the SEVERAL HUNDRED racing games out there, are ANY OF THEM really stand-out great? The answer is NO. NOT ONE. So what are the odds that this purported “sim” is anything but the same old disappointment-in-the-making?
    Answer: ASTRONOMICAL against.

    You F1 guys have gotten as brand-conscious as a 14-year old girl. Like some half-inbred NASCAR hickster. You deserve what codemasters’ is gonna give you, and that ain’t much.

  3. Anonymouse, what happened to Geoff Crammond?

    Grand Prix 4 was by far my favourite racing game. Still is actually. Just… the sheer randomness of it. And being able to save half way through a race, when doing the full race distance if you needed to, like, go to work or something haha.

  4. I guarantee that its a time/money concern for top brass… either that, or this is some sort of hip marketing BS.
    I don’t like it and they are just irritating fans. There is NO CONSPIRACY. It’s all just a joke. I’d be more optimistic but I understand they aren’t releasing the game until October of this year. Other than the cars, the game should be ready by now and it shouldn’t take a 300 member team 7 months to draw up the cars. All I can say for certain is that Codemasters better deliver in a big big way if they are going to do F1 any justice.

    Additionally, I realize that they probably weren’t sure 2 years ago that the economy was going to continue down down down, but by the time they release the game, its possible nobody will either have the money or want to pay the few dollars they have to buy a $60 game(crappy USD). They’d do better to release it mid-season if they want to capitalize on it.

    Dear Codemasters, I am not a fan of yours at all lately and I hope that the few of you who read any of these posts will take the information to your bosses and let them know how angry/irritated the fans are with all of the stupid moves you’ve made in this process. No blog? Really? Really? There is no reason developers couldn’t post a few comments on the process or release some more screen shots. Let me say this again in case one of you post… There is NO REASON period. Start handling your affairs properly or expect sales to be low and NOBODY wants to lose their jobs in this market where whole companies are going to start disappearing. Start respecting your consumers interests.

  5. The only reason the cost for the gamne licence is so high is so the FOM can keep Bernie’s bank manager happy.

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