How the BBC’s F1 intro should look

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

When BBC screen their first live F1 race in 13 years next March, what should the intro look like? Here’s an exceptionally good vision of it posted on Youtube by Roadworks TV – and yes, they have used The Chain…

I like it because:

1. It’s got “The Chain”
2. It’s not just focused on the British F1 drivers
3. There’s no eagles or roulette wheels or other pointless stuff like that

I found this on SofaF1. As Alex says:

The BBC should just put a cheque in the post. It feels totally on the money.

I agree – think it’s better than the four versions used by ITV-F1 from 1997-2008, videos of which you can see here (although I enjoyed thought their first two efforts).

Inevitably this excellent piece of work, on which someone has clearly invested many hours, will be taken down by FOM, so enjoy it while you can.

Found any other potential versions of the BBC’s F1 intro for 2009? Post them below…

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