F1 links: Only 4 races sold out in 2008

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High costs, empty grandstands

"This year only Canada, Great Britain, Singapore and Brazil could boast full houses, with special circumstances prevailing in each instance."

South Africa getting serious about F1?

"The story in The Citizen indicates that track designer Hermann Tilke has been to Guateng in the last month and spent three days looking at a disused quarry near Kyalami which is believed to have been earmarked for the project by Mashatile's government." Isn't there something similar already in Kyalami?

Robert Kubica, shouldn’t he be happy about his 2008 season?

"It is hard to say if these are Kubica’s real feelings or only some quotes taken out of context by media. But if I were in his position, I would also consider the 2008 season as an opportunity lost."

BMW – World champions 2009?

"McLaren certainly expect to start the season a bit behind, as they threw so much effort into winning this year’s championship. Robert Kubica was certainly very jealous that McLaren did that for Hamilton when BMW would not do the same for him. He will have his chance next season."

BBC Sports Personality shortlist confirmed

"The youngest-ever F1 world champion will go head to head with swimmer Rebecca Adlington, cycling champions Nicole Cooke, Chris Hoy, Rebecca Romero and Bradley Wiggins, sailor Ben Ainslie and runner Christine Ohuruogu as well as super-middleweight Joe Calzaghe and British tennis number one Andy Murray."

I'm sure some of Hamilton's rivals are worthy contenders, but my only interest in this is seeing an F1 person win. Yes, I'm that shallow.

Boeing Phantom Works races to develop computational fluid dynamics tools with Renault F1

"Boeing aims to capitalise on the opening of a new £10 million ($15 million) computational fluid dynamics research centre by its technical partner, Grand Prix team Renault F1, as the two companies work to develop new CFD design tools."

Kazuki: Uglier cars okay if more passing

Kazuki Nakajima: “Firstly, [the new aero rules] haven’t made the cars look very attractive. But, if the new regulations encourage more overtaking, I think it’s worth it.”

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  • 7 comments on “F1 links: Only 4 races sold out in 2008”

    1. Pedro Andrade
      2nd December 2008, 19:54

      Of the 4 GPs that sold out, one won’t be in 2009 and another probably won’t be in 2010. Things are looking good Bernie, keep it up!

    2. HounslowBusGarage
      2nd December 2008, 21:05

      “that track designer Hermann Tilke has been to Guateng”
      Oh no, not another load of old Tilke!

    3. This year only Canada, Great Britain, Singapore and Brazil could boast full houses

      What marketing genius decides to drop two of his sports four most successful events from the calender over the next two years ?

      At least us Brits will still have another race (hopefully) but the poor guys in North America have got one hell of a long journey to make if they want to go to a race from now on.

      As Pedro correctly says, Keep us the good work Bernie.

    4. michael counsell
      2nd December 2008, 23:27

      Chris Hoy would definitely get my vote. Wining 3 cycling gold medals in an Olympics is amazing and he was the spearhead of an outstanding Olympic effort by team GB.

    5. Hmmm, Renault developing aerodynamics just as such things have been banned? Or is it all going to be hidden where nobody can see it?
      Not that Renault would ever do such a thing :-)

    6. There’s a nice dirt oval track at the back of my house in Florida Mr Ecclestone, you could have your race there and employ Disney characters as race stewards.
      Lets face it, you’ve been taking the Mickey out of us fans for years havn’t you?

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