Will another F1 team quit before 2009?

Following the news of Honda’s decision to quit F1, the question now is whether other car manufacturers or other Formula 1 teams will follow suit. Will another team quit F1 before the new season begins on March 27th, 2009?

Which team will quit F1 next?

  • BMW (1%)
  • Ferrari (2%)
  • Force India (5%)
  • McLaren (1%)
  • Red Bull (0%)
  • Renault (5%)
  • Toro Rosso (10%)
  • Toyota (31%)
  • Williams (15%)
  • No team will quit before the 2009 season starts (31%)

Total Voters: 914

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19 comments on Will another F1 team quit before 2009?

  1. Now Honda Quit F1 – Already out

    Next Williams will quit – Pretty soon wait for their hearing

    Ferrari set to quit if Engines are Standardised

    and that funny Owner Mallya of Force India will quit soon, he’s already under loss because of his Airlines.

    No matter what! that spying Mclaren team will stay.

  2. Robert McKay said on 6th December 2008, 0:00

    James Allen says in his latest blog entry that some (only some) FOTA members think that at least one and maybe two more teams may not make it to Melbourne, although some others are more optimistic.

  3. http://www.asiaone.com/Motoring/Motorworld/Story/A1Story20081010-92886.html

    It seems some people already “knew” for a while…
    I do hope its not Williams next, however seeing the situation their sponsors are in…if they go it will be for me the end of F1 has i came to know it, since i was born :)


    Toyota,Renault, Ferrari seem to have decided not to follow Honda..

  4. In reality, it is probably team Willy that have the tightest budgetry constraints and possibly the most sponsorship money to lose in the wake of the credit crunch which could spell certain doom for the legendary squad. However, taking another angle on this Team Willy is not subject to a board of directors that need to think of the sustainability of a larger entity like Honda et al. Williams exist purely to compete in F1 and will continue to do so with whatever meagre budget they can scrape together.

    So, rather than tolling the bell for old Frank, let us first consider what will motivate the Manufacturer Teams to remain in or leave Forumla 1 competition. With unemployment rising on a global scale causing poverty on many levels, big car manufacturers could ill justify an enormous F1 budget on the one hand whilst laying people of from it’s main workforce with the other. Manufacturers compete in F1 to showcase their technology to the car buying public. That in itself is pointless if no-one can afford to buy a new car and inevitably will cause the various board members to start considering the continued viability of any motorsport programme, let alone F1.

    So, whilst those responsible for destroying F1 (The Manufacturers) scurry away with their Balance Sheets between their legs it will most likely be left to the stalwart independant teams like Williams to pick up the pieces.

    If we are to learn anything from this, it should be that Works teams should be banned or very tightly regulated becuase their win at all costs approach has potentially brought about the demise of the sport i love.

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