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Martin Brundle’s eight-point plan to save Formula One

Martin Brundle: "The F1 feeder series, GP2, provides great racing entertainment for a team budget of £4m, rather than F1’s £200m. The FIA’s new F2 series is going to cost £250,000 per car. Taken to extremes, last weekend I watched Felipe Massa’s charity kart event where he, Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello and others were wheel-to-wheel around a small bumpy track in Brazil driving £2,000 karts. It was great entertainment."

Jenson Button fumes after promise reneged

'It is only ten days since Button was in Japan to meet Honda's top executives at the “Honda Thanksgiving Day”. Yesterday, the embarrassment clearly told among Honda's top executives as Takeo Fukui, the company's chief executive, apologised to Button during his announcement in Tokyo that Honda was quitting.'

Red Bull may be heading for F1 scrapyard with Honda

"The Red Bull drinks business have been F1 team owners since buying out Ford's outfit in 2004 but their latest financial statements show that last year their spending hit top gear. In 2007, total costs at Red Bull Technology, the company which designs and builds cars for Red Bull Racing and sister team Toro Rosso, accelerated 22 per cent to £130.3m – the third-highest amount ever spent on a UK-based F1 team. Red Bull poured in most of this finance, with sponsorship only amounting to £10.25m."

Mosley reveals fears for Honda as F1 team set January deadline for sale

Max Mosley: "I was imagining that one of the manufacturers might drop out because the money that's been spent has been unsustainable for some time. 'But Honda, one of the best-managed companies in the whole motor industry, were not the people you would expect to stop."

From end of Tyrrell to end of Honda – Honda’s latest F1 odyssey in pictures

From Tyrrell to BAR to Honda in pictures.

Mark Hughes on the Honda pull out

"It’s quite feasible that the reduced scope for Japanese engineers to get intimately involved with the project became just one more reason for the board to pull the plug."

Save the F1 Honda Team (Facebook Group)

Facebook group for Honda supporters

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