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F1 links: McLaren run 2009 front wing 10th December 2008, 21:24

McLaren debut 2009 front wing and nose "The test car [was] sprayed with green oil paint to mark the airflow around the car's bodywork. This method is often used to verify simulations from the wing tunnel and CFD tests and indicates McLaren's desire to clearly understand how the new front wing influences the car's airflow." […]

What was the best F1 pass of 2008?

Overtaking can be rare in Formula 1. But when the planets align and someone actually gets close enough to make a move, a genuinely exciting pass is a thing to savour. Although next year sees new regulations designed to enhance passing opportunities there were some fine overtaking moves this year. We?ve seen double passes, wet […]

More signs that manufacturers are starting to favour specification racing

While Honda joins Audi and Seat in scaling back its motor racing programmes for 2009, Porsche is doing the opposite. But the German premium marque isn?t joining rivals BMW and Mercedes in Formula 1 ?ǣ it?s chosen the American Grand-Am sports car championship. What, if anything, does this tell us about F1?s appeal to car […]

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