Vote for the best pass of 2008 (Video)

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It wasn\'t always single-file in 2008 - who did the best pass?
It wasn't always single-file in 2008 - who did the best pass?

What was the best overtaking move of 2008?

Your nominations for the best F1 pass are in – watch video of each of them below and vote for your favourite.

Nick Heidfeld on Kimi Raikkonen and Heikki Kovalainen in the British Grand Prix

Nick Heidfeld made a habit of pulling off ‘two-for-one’ moves during 2008. This opportunistic pass on a pair of drivers from F1’s two top teams in slippery conditions at the British Grand Prix was surely the best (see his other similar moves here). It was the kind of savvy move that made you wonder how can it be Heidfeld hasn’t won a Grand Prix yet?

Felipe Massa on Heikki Kovalainen and Rubens Barrichello in the Canadian Grand Prix

Heidfeld didn’t have a monopoly on ‘two-for-one’ moves though: here’s Massa showing how it’s done at Montreal. The disintegrating tarmac at the hairpin made for a surface almost as treacherous as that at Silverstone.

Lewis Hamilton on Kimi Raikkonen in the Belgian Grand Prix

Just a little bit controversial, this one. For every person who thought this was a legitimate if cheeky re-pass by Hamilton there was another one who thought he hadn’t done enough to give Raikkonen back his advantage having cut the chicane…

Sebastian Vettel on Lewis Hamilton in the Brazilian Grand Prix

The moment that started the most intense championship-deciding moment ever seen in Formula 1. While Robert Kubica un-lapped himself from Lewis Hamilton (entirely legitimately, it must be said), Sebastian Vettel pounced, temporarily demoting Hamilton to sixth. And we all know what jhappened after that…

Kimi Raikkonen on Felipe Massa in the Belgian Grand Prix

While Hamilton scampered off into the lead at Spa, Raikkonen pounced on team mate Massa. Despite the damp track he carried much greater speed through Eau Rouge and lined up Massa along the Kemmel straight. He may have been battlign with his team mate, but Raikkonen wasn’t taking any prisoners, coolly pushing Massa to the extreme edge of the track, forcing him to back down. A white-knuckle moment for the Ferrari pitwall.

Nico Rosberg on Jarno Trulli in the Singapore Grand Prix

Nico Rosberg got bottled up behind Jarno Trulli at the start of the Singapore Grand Prix, which threatened to ruin his race. But he got back on track with a feisty, all-wheels-locked pass on the Toyota to break free. Thanks to that pass and a lot of luck with the safety car, Rosberg grabbed second place.

I couldn’t find an embeddable video of Rosberg’s pass on Trulli but you can see it halfway through the official video on

Nelson Piquet Jnr on Jarno Trulli in the Canadian Grand Prix

Bold or just a bit crazy? Nelson Piquet Jnr’s maiden season wasn’t packed with highlights but this ballsy pass on Trulli at Montreal was definitely one of them.

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How the nominees were chosen

Dozens of suggestions were posted by F1 Fanatic readers in this thread. I then whittled down the list based on how popular the different suggestions were and what I thought were the best examples of overtaking. After some discussion I decided to eliminate passes that were down to better starts or wet/dry weather tyre gambles – more on that here.

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34 comments on “Vote for the best pass of 2008 (Video)”

  1. Heidfeld is realy a great driver specially in wet conditions . Once it rains he dominates the track . Great move.

  2. Part of what makes for a good overtaking pass for me is the “hunting down” of the driver in front by the driver behind, and that why its the Lewis on Kimi at Spa move for me…

  3. I went for Massa on Kovi and Barrichello at Canada, largely because he came from so far back to snap up those two places, and made it look easy into the bargain.

  4. Massa’s move is great but Quick Nick’s is better mainly due to the opposition involved and the fact he managed it twice!

  5. I went for Massa. It was a great opportunist move. Perfectly in control in the braking zone to the apex.
    Kept on the track at all times.
    Passed 2 cars as well.
    Not a start line incident.

  6. still massa on kovi and barichello. what a great move, considering the awful exit from the previous corner. stunning control on horrible tarmac.

  7. Here are my reasons for eliminating the moves.

    Nick on Kimi & Heiki
    Nick was 30odd seconds a lap quicker at that point, no contest.
    Lewis on Kimi
    I agree with the stewards.
    Vettel on Hamilton
    The door was opened for him.
    Kimi on Massa
    I’m not saying Massa made it easy but he will know that taking out your teammate is a big NO.
    Rosberg on Trulli
    He took too long to finally do it.
    Piquet on Trulli
    Once everyone worked it out, it was quite a straightforward move down that straight, just bumpy.

    Hence, Massa on Heiki & Rubens, it was ballsey and very well executed.

    Let the flaming begin…

  8. ! agree with you entirely Dougie.

    I can’t understand why anyone apart from Hamilton fanboys rates the move on Kimi at Spa, he made it look way more spectacular than it needed to be given that the Ferrari was considerably poorer under braking at that point. Also he cut the chicane and i agree with the stewards as far as he did get an advantage through this (If he had stayed on the track, he would have lost much more time) although I was disappointed it resulted in a penalty, Hamilton deserved that win

  9. Agreed on all counts with Dougie as well.

    As far as the hamilton pass goes, I think his fake and then quick move to the other side of the track was spectular, however he clearly just drives through the chicane -given the onboard footage I defintiely agree with the stewards decision.

    As far as hamilton deserving the win, I’d say its fair to say he drove an amazing race, especially catching KM – however, he did gain an advantage in the chicane and deserved the penalty.

    I voted for massas move too -very spectacular

  10. Without even a shadow of doubt it has to be “Nick Heidfeld on Kimi Raikkonen and Heikki Kovalainen in the British Grand Prix”

  11. lewis pass on kimi , is totaly unfair, and should not be in this list.

  12. That first video says “ESPN Live” … ESPN doesn’t broadcast the sport here. In fact the last time I heard F1 mentioned on their nightly recap is when the news of McLaren’s $100m dollar fine was reported.

    They are by far the best sport broadcasters in the states and I really wish they would pick up the contract for F1.

  13. Keith, in your final words you say…

    After some discussion I decided to eliminate passes that were down to … wet/dry weather tyre gambles

    …is that not what Nicks move was, an advantage from the tyre gambles at that time?

  14. michael counsell
    12th December 2008, 18:36

    No he took advantage of Raikkonen and Kovalainen battling and simply being faster in the wet than they were.

  15. Lewis on Kimi at spa was a great pass but I think its more than just a pass that really made us love those 2min. Therefore I dont think its the best pass. Double passes are rewarding but lets look at it realistically, 2 guys in front are defending and attaking, they do not expect a third car and that makes it easier to overtake them. Other’s mistakes allow Heidfeld or Massa overtake really.

  16. @michael, I guess then it had nothing to do with the fact that Heidfeld was on new extreme wets when Raikkonen and Kovalainen were struggling on inters (and Kimi’s were very worn).

    This is confirmed by the fact that Rubens, who also gambled on extreme wets, finished only 14secs behind Nick in 3rd and would have beat him to 2nd but for a fuel problem at his pitstops… …and Rubens was in a Honda, which was not exactly the class of the field.

    Nicks move didn’t even make it into Keiths race report.

  17. @ Ivan

    “Double passes are rewarding but lets look at it realistically, 2 guys in front are defending and attaking, they do not expect a third car and that makes it easier to overtake them.”

    This is racing,if they shouldn’t expect to passed by another racer then,they would need further training I suppose……and I would think it would be even harder to pass with two cars and less track space in front of you than just passing one car.

  18. Felipe Massa pass at Canadian Grand Prix seems the best.

    Two guys in front are fighting for position and out of no where Massa snatches it from both guys. Passes like this don’t come too often which is why it got my vote.

  19. For me its Flippy’s double. He just steamed up the inside & made it look a cinch. And from Mr-I-can-only-win-from-pole, that was no mean feat.

  20. Massa’s move, without a single hesitation

  21. @Pink Peril

    He just steamed up the inside & made it look a cinch

    He didn’t just make it look a cinch, it WAS a cinch. Two drivers battling for position, sliding off the racing line at a corner where “off the the racing line” basically meant “off the track”.

    Seriously disturbing that that one gets the most votes for “best pass”. Maybe it was the most entertaining pass, but there really wasn’t much skill involved from Massa.

  22. Why is the Hamilton overtake on Raik even on there?

  23. Quick Nick on Raikey and Heikey

  24. ajokay you are having a laugh Hamiltons move was superb

  25. TommyBellingham
    13th December 2008, 21:07

    Its funny how Raikonnen’s pass is also by going on the run off area to ‘gain an advantage’ Don’t get how his one isn’t controversial either :-p

  26. TommyBellingham
    13th December 2008, 21:09


    Its on there because it was an overtaking move because he overtook him. what a stupid thing to say

  27. Massa on Barrichello and Kovalainen for me. Heidfeld’s was great to watch, but Raikkonen, at least, was on the wrong tyres for the conditions, so it doesn’t get my vote. Second would be Hamilton on Raikkonen, then Raikkonen on Massa.

  28. Actually if you look at the Massa overtake Heikki and Rubens were on the mucky edge of the track fighting eachother, basically leaving an open door for Massa to get by on the clean line….

    Lewis had a huge advantage in the Macca as we all know how evil the Ferrari is in the wet… plus the small issue of the previous corner…

    Leaving Kimi….

  29. Why did the Massa on Hamilton at Hungaroring not make the list? I thought that was one of the best in the year.

  30. I am sad saying this but neither of these overtaking moves really impressed me.Bad season for overtaking…:(

    Keith ,really great job.Other sites in this period rarely post something about F1. You keep me stuck with motorracing, thanks!

  31. Of these, the move by Massa at Montreal was the best, but I think move of the season was his first corner pass on Hamilton at the Hungaroring. As skilful as it was unexpected.

  32. Massa’s double at Montreal was really stunning. It needs a lot of temerity to take your car through the resurfaced tarmac in close proximity of 2 other cars.

    Keith; you could also do a ‘start of the year’ poll. Possible contenders would be
    1.Massa at Hungary
    2.Trulli at Spa (before being punted by Bourdias)
    3.Kubika at Japan

  33. What about Massa on Raikkonen at Shanghai? That surely was the pass of the year!

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