FIA’s 2008 Gala review video is heavy on the Hamilton-Senna references

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Comparisons between Lewis Hamilton and Ayrton Senna never fail to raise the heckles of Hamilton-haters. But if this video from the FIA’s end-of-season awards ceremony is anything to go by, they’re keen to play up those connections as much as possible:

Does it really matter if Hamilton considers Senna his hero? I can’t get as worked up about it as some people do. But it seems Hamilton himself is unsure how much he should play up the connection.

Although it is often suggested his yellow helmet design is a nod to Senna’s, Hamilton says they simply chose a colour that was easy to pick out in a crowd. Earlier this year he denied reports he’d said he was better than Senna.

But he seems increasingly willing to play up the connections. In this video Hamilton says he “sometimes I wonder if [Senna]’s with me” in the cockpit. In an interview with MotorSport last month he said:

I’ve always felt I had a connection with [Senna], that we’re somehow similar – I do crazy things other people wouldn’t do, and I feel I have an edge, too. I feel I share something with him – I seem to be able to draw a lot from the way he comes across, in interviews, and so on.

He was such as fighter, that was the thing – I don’t think he was ever one to drive half-heartedly. He was always looking for perfection and, yeah, he was a warrior – and that was what I liked about him.

Hamilton it just one of several drivers who’s named Senna as a hero – Fernando Alonso also has. But I find these semi-spiritual ‘it’s like he’s there with me’ musings a bit too much.

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