FIA’s 2008 Gala review video is heavy on the Hamilton-Senna references

Comparisons between Lewis Hamilton and Ayrton Senna never fail to raise the heckles of Hamilton-haters. But if this video from the FIA’s end-of-season awards ceremony is anything to go by, they’re keen to play up those connections as much as possible:

Does it really matter if Hamilton considers Senna his hero? I can’t get as worked up about it as some people do. But it seems Hamilton himself is unsure how much he should play up the connection.

Although it is often suggested his yellow helmet design is a nod to Senna’s, Hamilton says they simply chose a colour that was easy to pick out in a crowd. Earlier this year he denied reports he’d said he was better than Senna.

But he seems increasingly willing to play up the connections. In this video Hamilton says he “sometimes I wonder if [Senna]’s with me” in the cockpit. In an interview with MotorSport last month he said:

I’ve always felt I had a connection with [Senna], that we’re somehow similar – I do crazy things other people wouldn’t do, and I feel I have an edge, too. I feel I share something with him – I seem to be able to draw a lot from the way he comes across, in interviews, and so on.

He was such as fighter, that was the thing – I don’t think he was ever one to drive half-heartedly. He was always looking for perfection and, yeah, he was a warrior – and that was what I liked about him.

Hamilton it just one of several drivers who’s named Senna as a hero – Fernando Alonso also has. But I find these semi-spiritual ‘it’s like he’s there with me’ musings a bit too much.

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53 comments on FIA’s 2008 Gala review video is heavy on the Hamilton-Senna references

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  1. In my opinion this is one of the worst reviews I’ve seen. The comparisons to Senna are annoying and laughable as Hamilton though as talented as he is, is not near Senna in terms of greatness. The choice of music to be blunt was sh*t and fans on youtube have made better videos only to have them taken down by the FOM who employed someone to create a rubbish video.

  2. TommyBellingham said on 14th December 2008, 13:00

    Awesome video, really like the start with the Hamilton and Senna bit. Senna is Hamilton’s hero, Senna’s sister even said she could see a bit of Senna in Hamilton.

  3. This is going to be another one of those where for everyone who likes the video, someone is going to hate it. To be honest it’s difficult for me to comment on Senna and I don’t feel in a position to do so considering I was only 3 at the time of his tragic death. However, I don’t feel all the comparison is Hamilton’s fault and I think that the FIA have encouraged the idea as they knew it would create a dramatic opening to the video, which in all fairness to them, it does. As for the spiritual connection it’s another one of those debatable ones. Spiritual presence is one of those things you either believe in or don’t and if you don’t (like me) it’s very hard to see where Hamilton is coming from. However if that is what he believes in and feels helps him when he is racing, then its his choice and to be fair it makes no difference in my support for him.

  4. spirit said on 14th December 2008, 13:26

    Yeah, Hamilton is the master on wet, the same as Senna. We saw it at Brazil. Ha, ha, ha!!! Is it a video-joke?

  5. Steven said on 14th December 2008, 13:27

    Ive been looking forward to this video for some time…. wasnt as good as some of the pasts ones…. yeh i dont think it was comparing Senna to hamilton it was just showing how his dream came true and his childhood hero was senna. Plus no one can argue that Hamilton is 1 of the few true racers in the sport, honestly I dont think Senna would mind

  6. I agree with Matt: “Is one of the worst reviews I’ve seen”.
    The video maked last year is so much better, and don’t needed any comparation.

  7. Roger Carballo AKA Architrion said on 14th December 2008, 14:41

    I can’t resist it. Sorry Keith…..

    Comparing Senna with Hamilton at this time makes me sick…. drives me to madness. All I want to say is that if I was Hamilton I never ever never never never allow someone to compare me with Senna. Very simple…. isn’t it? Not only because it was miles of too much. I would have a real fear that Senna would get angry, get out of his grave and come behind me to kick my ass….

    I feel embarrased for Hamilton allowing such kind of commentary. He has get down in my ratings because this silly things.

  8. It’s only marketing ********. To me a Senna, a Schumacher, a Hill, a Keke, a Lauda, a Fangio or a Hamilton are all the same; World Champions.

    When we can get them all to race in the same race together then we can compare them.

  9. The Skz said on 14th December 2008, 15:02

    I just don’t understand the necessity to make the comparison. Surely Hamilton is Hamilton and Senna is Senna. It makes me uncomfortable as they are different people from different times with different levels of achievement – yet people enjoy romanticising about the “reincarnation” of Senna in Hamilton – which simply isn’t true.

    I dislike any of the “Senna is here with me” rubbish. It feels opportunistic to me…

    I think the video just shows a lack of imagination in the Gala film producers.

  10. ceedas said on 14th December 2008, 15:02

    The video does seem below par – the racing parts were ok, but they seemed to make less of the season than there was, which is particularly odd given the season we had. And don’t start me on the Senna comparisons…

  11. Oliver said on 14th December 2008, 15:24

    Hamilton didn’t make the video, the FIA did, so why blame Hamilton for what others are doing.

  12. Silly of the FIA to compare Hamilton to Senna. They didn’t compare Räikkönen with Hunt, last year, or Schumacher with Fangio, did they? What nonsense.

  13. Roger Carballo AKA Architrion said on 14th December 2008, 15:42


    It seems pretty clear that Lewis likes, promotes and makes everything at hand to use this comparison on his own hype, INHO. If you were Lewis you wouldn’t allow that kind of rubbish, would you? That’s the kind of attitude I expect from Lewis.

  14. Looking at the bright side of life thanks to Hamilton people who started to watch f1 1 year, 2 years ago get to know who is Senna.

  15. It’s only marketing ********. To me a Senna, a Schumacher, a Hill, a Keke, a Lauda, a Fangio or a Hamilton are all the same; World Champions.

    When we can get them all to race in the same race together then we can compare them.

    Totally agree with this comment. They all drove in different era’s, different cars, different technologies and against different opponents but the bottom line is they are all world champions. The way I see it, Senna was the best driver in 1988, 1990 and 1991 and Hamilton was the best driver in 2008. A comparison is simply not needed, both drivers were the best in the sport the year(s) they won the championship.

    If Hamilton wishes to compare himself against Senna then that is up to him, at the end of the day he is a racing driver, Senna was a racing driver and people in the same profession are always going to compare themselves against each other. Whether, we the on-lookers view this as right is an argument I feel is never going to be resolved.

    And on a different note I do agree the video could have been better. I just feel they decided to focus too much on the glamour of the sport rather than the racing. Which in light of recent economical developments, the glamour is likely to be toned down drastically next season anyway.

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