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F1 links: Provisional BBC F1 schedule 21st December 2008, 17:43

Formula One goes on economy drive "But what drove me to distraction was all this one-stop strategy, two-stop strategy business and the times when positions only changed when someone stopped at the garage. This virtual overtaking didn't make for satisfactory sport." Early deetails of 2009 BBC F1 coverage "I have also managed to get a […]

2008 F1 season in 99 pictures

With 2008 drawing to a close, here’s a look back at 12 months of Formula 1 in pictures. From the launch of the 2008 cars, to the first glimpses of the strange creations we’ll watch in 2009, here’s 99 pictures that I think capture some of the most exciting, controversial, and funny moments of 2008. […]

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