Do Ferrari deserve more money? (Poll)

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Is a prancing horse worth more to F1 than another car?
Is a prancing horse worth more to F1 than another car?

Bernie Ecclestone hit back at FOTA and Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo this week by reminding him that Ferrari gets more money from F1 than the other teams do. Is this fair?

Should Ferrari get more money than the other F1 teams?

  • Yes (22%)
  • No (75%)
  • Don't know (3%)

Total Voters: 1,408

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The teams are determined to force Ecclestone to hand over more money. Toyota boss John Howett, who accompanied Montezemolo to the cost-cutting discussions with Max Mosley, backed Montezemolo’s call for more money for the F1 teams:

I believe in the Champions’ League [European football tournament] it is upwards of 96-97% of revenues that is redistributed depending on where you finish in the championship, whereas at the moment we receive 50% of EBITDA [earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization]. So given the current circumstances people would like to reopen that discussion.”

However Alan Henry suggests Ecclestone will not accept any re-negotiation of teams’ earnings before 2013:

Bernie thinks that if 10 teams can’t get by sharing $450m of annual commercial rights revenue in addition to their sponsorship funding, then they’re probably not very good businessmen.

Presumably one of Ecclestone’s arguments will be that nine of the teams could have more money if Ferrari sacrificed the extra $80m they receive for, well, just being Ferrari. The extra money given to Ferrari is justified by them being the longest-standing F1 constructor, who have been in the sport since 1950.

Should Ferrari, as one of F1’s most famous teams and as much a part of the sport’s history as the Monaco Grand Prix, get extra money? Or should all the teams get equal funding regardless of how old they are? Does it give Ferrari an unfair advantage?

Cast your vote above and share your thoughts in the comments.

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53 comments on “Do Ferrari deserve more money? (Poll)”

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  1. Jonesracing82
    23rd December 2008, 7:07

    absolutely not!
    yer give x amount to them if they win, or the team that wins!

  2. It’s not just a matter of ‘deserve’. There’s no doubt that Ferrari is crucial to Formula One. Just as much is Formula One crucial to Ferrari, though. The team just succesfully negotiated a bigger cut.

  3. The share of money is not calculated by influence, so whether they are crucial to F1 or not shouldn’t make a difference. However, if F1 would lose a significant chunk of fans if they left then perhaps they are worth the extra.

    I do wonder how much prestige Ferrari bring to F1 though. Ferrari has a much better ring to it than Toyota and perhaps that alone is worth something commercially.

  4. that is *********,
    just because of being ferrari they can get more money?
    split those $80m so every team gets the same. and the worst thing is: ferrari don’t only get $80m extra for a constructors championship… but for a drivers championship as well. totally unfair

  5. Ferrari has done more to F1 than any other team.Schumi ferrai combination made F1 to reach corners of the world where people doesn’t know about motorsport.I say this because in my part of the world when we discuss about F1 only people remember two names FERRAI and SCHUMACHER.Just to add a bit Even my granma who live in a remote village in south india knows about schumacher.
    Think of it guys F1 without FERRAI ????
    Keith may be u shud conduct a poll “how many people will watch F1 without FERRARI”.

  6. Yes, they deserve!!
    Listen to BBC Chequered Flag podcast on “THE FUTURE OF F1”
    Experts have discussed why Ferrari deseve extra money.
    And that all team bosses knew and had agreed (in 2003) to the fact that Ferrari would get extra money. This is revealed by Eddie Jordan who was running JORDAN GP team in 2003….

    Go here-


  7. they should give a large cut of the revenue to fans for having to put up with this crap!

  8. Ofcourse; they deserve the extra money.

  9. Formula 1 will do just fine without Ferrari. It’s the same as people who claimed that F1 would be dead after Schumacher retired.

    The majority of viewers are simply fans of the teams and drivers who win and there are always at least 2 in contention for the championship.

    I was in both Imola and Monza in 2005 and I had “roaming” tickets (so I sat on almost all the stands over the weekends). Even in Italy, there was hardly a red shirt to be seen. Most people were wearing blue and some silver. In only a few races people had gone from Schumi worshipping (who utterly dominated 2004) to Alonso/Raikkonen and Renault/McLaren fans.

    1. without Ferrari F1 is gone m8.

  10. No they bloody well shouldn’t! I don’t see why thy deserve any extra money. So they’ve been there the longest? so what? F1 wouldn’t go under if Ferrari wern’t racing in it, and Ferrari wouldn’t go under if they left F1. You’d just have a few less tifosi lying around.

  11. Probably not. But as with many other areas of life F1 is about what you can get, not what you deserve.

    Ferrari doesn’t get more money than the rest because Bernie thinks it deserves more money. It gets more because Bernie offered it more a few years ago as he sought to neutralise the GPMA’s efforts to use a breakaway series as a negotiating ploy to get more money for the manufacturers.

    Ferrari has the USP of being the only team in F1 to have been there since the start. For many people, F1 without Ferrari isn’t F1 at all. It was able to exploit this to get a bigger share of the pot. Had McLaren, Williams or any other team been in the same position it is difficult to imagine them turning it down on the basis that they didn’t deserve it.

    Bernie’s comments are a bit rich. Ferrari gets more than the rest because Bernie offered them more than the rest. It suited his purposes at the time to stuff their mouths with gold. It suits his purposes now to highlight it. If, at some point in the future, it suits Bernie to do something similar he won’t hestitate.

    Welcome to the piranha club…

  12. Bernie Ecclestone doesn’t give people money because they ‘deserve’ it. He gives it to them because it makes good business sense. Ferrari’s current deal is payment for being the first to sign up to the Concorde agreement, preventing a breakaway series.

    Many historic teams have gone to the wall without any tears. If Fiat decided to pull Ferrari out, F1 would carry on regardless. But if Ferrari sought to participate in (or establish) a competing formula, Bernie would be more concerned and reach for his wallet.

    He maybe a featherweight in physical terms but in this fight with Montezemolo, my money’s on the little guy.

  13. what’s the extra money based on?

    do they get it just for being around the longest? what are they doing for the money? how are they being awarded it?

  14. I think in the interests of pure fairness on the playing field, Ferrari should get what everyone else gets. What I do wonder is why Montezemelo agreed to this role in FOTA? He must have known that this would be the first attack from Bernie.

    I don’t blame the scuderia for playing the game, though, to get more money.

  15. I have read some of comment above, and some people really surprise me when they said yes.

    Shame on them giving more money to Ferrari than anybody else, Customer teams needs every penny, and yet Ferrari gets more, this is total injustice.

    I am sick of Ferrari winning every race and every championship. We all remember when Vettel won in Monza it was all joy for motor sport. STR was and still is the underdog that everybody loves… I think Shumi’s years are the dullest years in F1 where he won every thing.

    Ferrari is the tumour of F1. In top of that they get more money and “Special Treatment” as per Bernie.

    So what if they quit. hell with them. F1 will as exciting as ever…

    if Historical status that your are after Willams and Mclaren and not what you call new.. are they?

    Angry McLaren Fan

  16. Ferrari ‘deserves’ the extra money NOT for being the oldest team in the sport’ NOT for dominating the sport so well that rules were changed; NOT for being the most popular team among fans.

    Ferrari ‘deserves’ the extra money for being smart back in 2003. Instead of Ferrari, had Mclaren backtracked from GPMA first; they would have got the extra buck.. Would Mclaren have deserved the extra money then? Sure, they would have.

  17. I’d be quite happy to watch F1 without Ferrari…

    I think to an extent teams with a long history in the sport should get a little bit extra. Just enough to point out that hanging around for a while has its benefits and that the sport recongises their contribution. Not to the extent of $80m, however, that’s just crazy.

    Yes F1 without Ferrari wouldn’t be the same, but likewise F1 with ONLY Ferrari would be pretty mince as well.

  18. Wrong Question and wrong Poll. Its not question of what they deserve or not. While I am not a Ferrari Fan, Its just what they could bargain with Bernie/FOM.

    If McLaren/Renault/BMW would have been given similar offer by Bernie to divide the Constructors, would they have denied the answer is NO. FOM/Bernie, shrewdly Bought Ferrari and made them sign the Concorde agreement with this carrot.

    If You look in the recent history of Sport, The teams were so very engrossed in stepping on each others toes that Privateers like Williams and Stoddardt were not supported by Constructor backed teams. Stoddardt left frustrated and that left Sir Williams, he followed Ferrari.

    So its just like candidate getting a job, its upto him/her how much they can bargain on Salary when they join. Do they deserve that Salary? Well its open to debate. Its just matter of Demand and Supply.

    Point to be noted, is the timing of Bernie stirring this point. I get a feeling that this is just another attempt by Bernie to to create split in FOTA. But the point he has missed is, the FOTA member would be very much aware of the situation from the word go. If they had not known/liked it they would have left the sport by now

  19. Of course Ferrari don’t deserve extra money just for being Ferrari. My understanding is that the amount teams receive is determined by where they finish in championship, and so it should be the same for every team regardless of history.

    However like some previous comments stated Ferrari were hardly going to turn the offer of extra money down when Bernie made it. Does anyone think that any of the teams put the good of F1 as whole above of their own interests?

    Can you imagine the tabloid uproar in the UK if Man Utd got significantly more money from the Premiership just for being Man Utd.

  20. I say this again – Rules may be right or wrong, all the parties know what they are.

    PJA – if MANU are able to convince Premiership organizers that EPL will not be same without MANU participation and the organizers are convinced, then why not ???

    Its for the other teams to prove to fans and sponsors that Sports will be same without MANU. If they cannot and resign to fate that Premiership needs MANU ( thats what is happening in F1 currently). Why should Fans be cribbing on MANU making more monies in that case :-?

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