Merry Christmas from F1 Fanatic!

Posted on Author Keith Collantine

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I’m away for a few days celebrating Christmas with my family. Wherever you are and whatever you’re celebrating, I hope you have a fantastic time!

F1 Fanatic will be back to normal service in a few days. In the meantime, please share any seasons’ greetings of your own below. And if you’ve unwrapped any presents of a motor racing variety – or anything else you’d like to boast about – tell us all about it!

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    1. Merry Christmas Keith! And Merry Christmas to all my fellow fanatics :)

      Going to have a blast, hope all of you do too…

    2. Merry Christmas Keith !

    3. Merry Christmas Keith

    4. Merry Christmas Keith and everyone who plays a part in the blog. It has been a brilliant season, fingers crossed I have got the season review for Christmas.

      Here is to a great 2009!

    5. Merry Christmas to all. Also hi to the fellow pagans who decorate a tree and hand out gifts.

    6. Merry Christmas, and God bless Patrickl and his fellows, too. ;)

    7. Merry Christmas fellow fanatics! :D

    8. Alianora La Canta
      25th December 2008, 15:02

      Merry Christmas to everyone reading this blog, and also to Keith.

      No motorsport-related presents, but three books and quite a lot of useful stuff, so I’m happy with the presents :)

    9. merry christmas everyone – lets hope santa brings us another exciting season this year :)

    10. Merry Christmas everybody, I hope Santa was under the same mis-aprehension for you as he was me this year ie. that I’d been good, and gave you lots of lovely gifts.

    11. AmericanTifosi
      25th December 2008, 16:42

      The Merriest of Christmasses to you all! I was lucky to fianlly get another Ferrari jacket. (And a Ducati T-shirt. although it was a men’s size because apparently Puma doesn’t think girls like Italian motorcyles.)

      I hope all you McLaren fans got some sort of boasty t-shirt to celebrate Lewis’s championship.

    12. Merry Christmas everyone!

    13. Merry Christmas everyone. The only F1-related gift I recieved was the 2008 F1 season review DVD. I have just finished watching it, it contains great footage and unseen moments – highly recommended

    14. happy holidays, keith and everyone else. and thanks keith, for all you do.

    15. Merry Christmas everyone!

      Looking forward to a great F! season ahead, since santa got me a 42 inch HD TV!!!

    16. Merry Christmas everyone!

    17. Happy christmas people! and happy new year soon! got coulthards autobiography and a formula one calander – pretty pleased :D off tommorrow to add the F1 2008 review to my collection ;). Hope you all got some good pressies too!

    18. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you around the world- I hope you got everything you wanted under your Christmas Tree.

      Since F1-related products aren’t carried much in American stores, nothing dealing with the world of F1 in my stocking this season. But I may use some of my cash gifts to order something in the next week or so- AmericanTifosi, you’ll be pleased to know that the Lewis Hamilton championship hat is at the top of my list of considerations!

      Best wishes to all of you, and here’s hoping for a great 2009 season!!

    19. Merry Christmas to you too and to all the other FANATICS!!!

    20. Hey, Keith,Merry Christmas and merry christmass to F1fanatic fraternity!!!

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