4.5 million views – a record 2008!

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

F1 Fanatic traffic in 2008 (click to enlarge)
F1 Fanatic traffic in 2008 (click to enlarge)

It was a record-breaking year for F1 Fanatic with more visitors, comments and articles than ever before.

4,595,646 page views, 1,667,816 visits

Predictably, we got a big surge in traffic as the season started, but there was also a major increase in readership in September as the title battle gathered momentum.

And of course there were massive spikes in traffic when there was a really big story like Spankgate (April) and the championship finale (November). But the biggest spike of all was in July, when half of Poland came to visit. Dziekuje bardzo!

29,038 site comments, 67,450 live comments

The 2008 season marked the first year of live commenting during Grand Prix sessions at F1 Fanatic and I think it was a huge success. In fact, we quickly began to receive so many comments that I had to recruit a team of volunteers to help me keep on top of things. Thanks to everyone who helped run the F1 Fanatic Live Blogs in 2008 – I hope you’ll be back for more this year.

Nor were we short of things to discuss on the site between races. In fact there were more comments on F1 Fanatic this year than in the three previous years the site has been running combined. Add in the live blog comments, and the total for 2008 alone is over 96,000.

Top countries

The popularity of Robert Kubica helped make Poland the third biggest audience for F1 Fanatic, behind the UK and USA. Here’s the top ten for 2008:

1. United Kingdom 36.19%
2. United States 14.31%
3. Poland 4.16%
4. Australia 3.83%
5. Canada 3.46%
6. Spain 2.73%
7. India 2.43%
8. Germany 2.01%
9. Brazil 1.84%
10. France 1.68%

Thanks to everyone who participated in F1 Fanatic last year – whether by reading, writing, voting, commenting or suggesting an article. When I started the site a little under four years ago now I didn’t expect it would become anything like as popular as it has. I have plenty of new ideas for the rest of the year and I hope we all enjoy an exciting 2009 F1 season together.