Will Fernando Alonso go to Ferrari in 2011? Here’s why I think so (Poll)

Posted on | Author Keith Collantine

Fernando Alonso in Ferrari overalls in 2011? (Image by Vittorio Alfieri)
Fernando Alonso in Ferrari overalls in 2011? (Image by Vittorio Alfieri)

Rumours about Fernando Alonso joining Ferrari kept surfacing last year but seemed to have been killed off when the Scuderia revealed it had extended Kimi Raikkonen’s contract.

So what do we make of the fresh rumours of Alonso joining the team in 2011? Here’s why I think they make a lot of sense.

The best team and the best driver

The best drivers in F1 always gravitate towards the best team: think of Ayrton Senna at Alain Prost at McLaren in the 1980s, then squabbling over the seats at Williams a few years later.

Ferrari have consistently built the best or among the best F1 cars in every season this decade. And Alonso is the best driver in F1 at the moment. He’s the man you hire if you’ve built a championship-winning car and want to make sure you get both the titles. Yes, there are plenty of other drivers who can get the job done, but if you had to pick the driver you could most rely on to take care of it, you’d have to pick Alonso.

That’s why Ferrari plus Alonso makes sense: they are two parties made for each other.

A reliable source

When Autosport ran the new Alonso-to-Ferrari rumour they credited it to “respected journalist Pino Allievi”. James Allen on his blog added:

I have known Pino for almost 20 years and in that time I?m struggling to think of a single occasion on which he has wrongly called a move by Ferrari. He has excellent connections there, going back to Enzo Ferrari?s time. So you can take it as read that this story is true. And it will really shake things up in F1.


There’s a symmetry with this and the timing of the announcement in 2005 of Alonso’s move to McLaren. That deal was done shortly after the Brazilian Grand Prix and made public over the winter of 2005/06.

The timing of the deal also makes sense from the point of view of what we know about existing contracts: Both Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe Massa have deals in place until the end of 2010.

The future of Renault

When Alonso decided to leave Renault in 2005 his decision was partly motivated by uncertainty over the team’s future. Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn later confirmed Renault’s participation in F1 and has said they will remain in the sport until at least 2012.

But in these uncertain financial times is Alonso wagering the French manufacturer will leave F1 sooner rather than later? Is he unimpressed with how the team lagged behind on engine development in 2008?

Do you believe the Alonso-to-Ferrari-in-2011 rumour?

  • Yes (82%)
  • No (18%)

Total Voters: 569

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47 comments on “Will Fernando Alonso go to Ferrari in 2011? Here’s why I think so (Poll)”

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  1. Well that makes two of us that think this Keith. Good company for me to be in. But don’t get Grace started on this rant…she says no way its happening. That’s our Grace. :)

    Good summation and reasoning but I’ve come to expect no less my friend. ;)

  2. The way Alonso has been courting Ferrari, I’d say he was desperate to go there. On the other hand, why would anyone sign a contract so far in advance? Ferrari has had pretty long spells where their cars were pretty poor. In two years time they might be midfielders again.

  3. After two more championships at Renault, why not go to Ferrari. I think if Ferrari give him no. 1 status there, they will be guaranteed both championships. You can’t say that for any other driver.

  4. Personally I reckon Bernie has a hand in this; he wants to rekindle Lewis v. Fernando.

    I can’t see Ferrari asking either present driver, though, to start playing second fiddle to Alonso.
    So who will be his team-mate??

  5. John Spencer
    2nd January 2009, 9:14

    Well, James Allen is very confident about it, so it’s got to be true.

    It does sound like Alonso is being lined up as Raikkonen’s replacement in the same way that Montezemolo lined up Raikkonen as Schumacher’s replacement (before Schumacher was ready to go). But will Raikkonen hang around in F1 for a full two seasons? I can’t remember a previous occasion when a world champion has had such a dip in performance/motivation and then recovered it the following season. Normally, a dip in motivation is a prelude to a graceful retirement (eg Hakkinen, Hill).

    If Raikkonen decides to retire at the end of 2009 – (at the age of 30!) – Alonso will surely jump in for 2010, but would he be happy with Massa as a team mate? I think he’d look wistfully at Michael Schumacher’s relationship with Ferrari, and hanker after that. Maybe he’ll take Nelson Piquet with him….

  6. Another factor that adds weight to the rumours: Flavio Briatore recently revealed his plans to retire after the 2010 season. After his golden boy moves on, so will he.

  7. the GMM already runs the As story that Alonso rejected “immediate move to Ferrari from 2009” …

    these rumours will keep coming and going until Alonso moves to Maranello …

    will he ? I believe so, as long as Ferrari remains on top that is …

    1. That story’s from Diario AS, which is why it’s not on here – I’ve been warned off them a couple of times.

      Autosport have suggested on a couple of occasions that Raikkonen’s contract renewal this year was automatic because he’d achieved certain objectives in his contract based on number of points scored or something. But Ferrari don’t pay him an eight-figure sum to achieve his contractual minimum.

      But choosing which – if any – sources to believe on this kind of thing is very tricky. A few months ago Alan Henry was convinced Alonso was off to Honda.

  8. I voted NO because it’s to early for someone to join a team. Alonso always wanted to be in a top team, he can’t be sure that Ferrari will be in a higher level of performance than Renault after three years.

  9. When Uncle Flav retires at the end of 2010, and Renault might want to pull out of F1, this might coincide with the desire of MERCEDES of buying a f1 team. Perhaps they could buy the Renault team with Alonso included.

    I vote NO for Alonso to Ferrari – how boring ! Ferrari is The Establishment, it is a lot more fun to be racing against them. It is a team full of politics and intrigue.

    This would be great thing : Alonso, two more succesful years at least with Renault, and then something exciting like Mercedes ? With the new cost – cutting and standarization rules coming in place, what is Ferrari going to offer Alonso, performance – wise, that Renault with their supercomputer and their competence cannot ? NO to Alonso – Ferrari !!! how boring !!!

  10. Not really a reason as such, but Santander to Ferrari wont hurt Alonso’s chances either.

  11. I think Ferrari now has the best line-up possible, with two great drivers that respect each other, which is very rare… I totally agree that Alonso is currently the best driver, but relying solely on the team leader can take you to a 1999 scenario, when, once Schumacher broke his leg, Irvine made the impossible losing that title…

  12. NO;
    I don’t believe in these rumors. As mentioned in the post; the match between the best team and best driver is imminent. But are Ferrari and Alonso the best team and best drivers respectively?

    Although; I am very much a Ferrari fan; I fully know, they cost Massa the title. Cars are fast, alright; but are they always reliable? and what about the pit crew?

    And I seriously don’t think Alonso is the best driver. His 2 wins came in the last 4 races; when most of the field had made their final improvements and were looking towards 2009. If you see; even Nelson Piquet who is dreadfully slow; was in a commanding position at Japan.

    If I was Luca; I would be looking for a pairing of Vettel and Massa.

  13. I don’t believe Alonso would have signed a contract for three years in the future, but I do think he will go to Ferrari at some point. Alonso is in a good position at the moment and is able to keep his options open – any of the teams in the pitlane (except McLaren) would employ him at the blink of an eye. He doesn’t need to sign a contract with Ferrari yet, he can bide his time and see which team is really his best option.

  14. I think he’ll go. These long term option type contracts usually contain “out” clauses for both parties, based on performance levels.

    If we can get rid of Luca, I’d actually root for Alonso in a Ferrari. Give Lewis the fair fight he couldn’t give when they were both driving for Ron.

    Off topic, can anyone explain Lewis’s latest accolade to this non-Brit? Does this MBE award now require us to call him “Sir Lewis”? Or is it the first step to Knighthood?

  15. Who says Ferrari are going to dominate in 2011? Past performance is not an indicator of future performance, as we well know. Renault and Mclaren stomped all over Ferrari in 2005 and the next three years have not been a walk in the park for Ferrari, especially with reliability.

    Alonso has the opportunity to build a team around himself right now and win championships. The only reason I can see him going to Ferrari is to get the kind of money currently being paid to Kimi and the Mclaren door is well and truly closed.

  16. <blockquoteOff topic, can anyone explain Lewis’s latest accolade to this non-Brit? Does this MBE award now require us to call him “Sir Lewis”? Or is it the first step to Knighthood?

    Most F1 drivers don’t live in there home country so why do people have a problem, i don’t think Jenson Button does and i think most people would move if they earned that much money.

    On the topic of Alonso i think he will stay where he is, he feels happy there and there pace is picking up but at Ferrari they have experienced enough problems this year to lose a championship.

  17. Keith Collantine

    Alonso is the best… He’s the man… Alonso makes sense… you’d have to pick Alonso…

    You don’t really qualify your statements about Alonso being the best driver, it kinda just amounts to Alonso is the best because I say so. I don’t disagree that he is the “best” but I know why I think so. If you look at the top drivers (Alonso, Massa, Raikkonen, Hamilton, Kubica, Vettel) Alonso is the most consistent in a single race and across an entire season. In an 18 race season you can virtually guarantee that Alonso will turn up to every race and extract the maximum from the car and then some. Hamilton may be the best in the wet and Kimi maybe be ultimately the fastest but actually turning up and performing is one of Alonso’s fortes. Very few drivers have the ability to drive a slow car fast, to turn a car that might be capable of a podium finish into a car that has won a race or for example to qualify a Minardi off the back row. Like Schumacher before him Alonso has this ability and it makes me wonder what would have happened had Alonso been driving a BMW last year. He’s also consistently demonstrated a strong belief in himself, rock hard mental strength and unwavering determination which you need in close title fights.

    F1 needs Alonso at a top team and I feel that we the fans deserve to see the likes of Hamilton and Massa duel it out with Alonso. I hope he goes to Ferrari because even if Ferrari aren’t quite on the pace he will make the difference and hopefully Ferrari will give him the respect that McLaren failed to. Hamilton-McLaren vs. Alonso-Ferrari that’s the biggest duel in F1 right now…. Argh it’s mouth watering just thinking of it.

  18. kubica and vettal to join the prancing horse in 2011 that will make mclaren panic

  19. Ferrari urgently need someone like Alonso who races well and tests even better! however i may go as far as saying alonso will be teammate with Kubica in 2011 for they are great friends and have similar driving styles which could help build a great car suiting there style of driving!!

    Although i dont suport Kubica i think he might win the championship next year but keep a look out for Raikkonen who will be driving for a seat next year and also Alonso who has missed a championship this year and eager to gain another!

  20. Why would anyone care about Kubica? he only win was because Hamilton divebombed into Kimi. Not to mention, Nick pulled right over for him. Sure, he can qualify well with low fuel, but he isn’t anything special. I haven’t seen any decent passes…in fact, Heidfeld was more impressive in that aspect.

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